Bye Bye Summer: the ups and downs

Hi! Happy Labor Day! It’s my last official day of summer vacation (#sadface), so I thought I’d give you a little wrap up and perspective as we ease into fall.

As as you might remember, summer was a little rocky for me. See here and here for more info about how summer impacted my recovery this year. It wasn’t all fun and games this season. I certainly had my share of ED dips, but coincidentally, I also feel the most recovered ever. I’ve learned so much about myself this year and have made a very clear and conscious decision to leave ED in the past. Sure, I had tough moments, but I also had a kickass time living my life! I did tons of traveling, eating, and drinking, plus I fit fitness into my life without compromise.



No, I did not achieve everything on my bucket list, but it did push me outside of my routine! I ran a super muddy/foamy 5k. I went to new fitness classes like boot camp and spin, went to Miami with a bunch of hot chicks, Newport with the hubs, and lived through and earthquake in Napa. Plus I landed an awesome new job and we bought our dream house! So yeah, this summer rocked.


All in all, a fab summer! We rounded out the summer by going to a UMass football game (our alma mater!), eating many brownies at a BBQ, and going to the beach for one last hurrah. Have a fab holiday!

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Change is Good…right???

Morning! It’s Friday and also my last official day of summer vacation :( I start my new job in Tuesday (which is exciting!), and things are about to get super crazy.

If we’re friends on FB you already know, but Chris and I bought a house! We’re super pumped and can’t wait to move to our new town and get situated, but there are several road bumps already along the way. For example, our lease was extended to 9/30, but we don’t close on our new house until 10/31…uhhh…so my fabulous parents are gaining two human and two feline roommates for a few weeks. Thanks mom and dad!


As I said above, I’m also starting a new job. New job and new house within a few weeks of one another would have previously been a recipe for disaster for me (although last time I moved and started a job, I also got married within a week). So many transitions can be anxiety provoking, and don’t get me wrong, I am definitely anxious. However, I’m not allowing these exciting memories to be overshadowed by stress and self-loathing. I’m letting it stay fun, and trying to just ride out the anxiety.

Yes, I’ve already thought about what gym I’ll join in the interim and what gym I’ll join in our new town. I’m sad to leave Gymit, since it’s cheap and awesome, but I’m sure something else will turn up!

Speaking of gyms, now that school is starting back up, Chris and I will hopefully get back into our morning workout routine and I will start sharing more workouts with you all again. I’m thinking about starting this cutting plan this weekend for the next 6 weeks until Rachel’s wedding!


Anyone interested in joining me?? I like the combo of standard weight training, super sets and plyometrics in this program. Let’s do it!

So, all in all, transitions can be hard and scary, but they are also exciting and new! I’m going with the latter and can’t wait to see what this new year brings! Yay for change!


Happy Labor Day! Stay safe and have a good time!


Napa Valley: Wine, Food, and Earthquakes

Hi everyone! I’m back from Cali and I have TONS to share. Guess I’ll start at the beginning!

I arrived in SFO/Napa on Wednesday morning to see my brother. We drank tons of wine, ate delicious food and saw beautiful sites. Here are some pics from Mumm (bubbles!), Sinskey (snacks!) and Scribe (Hipsters!):

that beagle is my new friend Lady. She is basically my spirit animals. She only paid attention to me when I fed her cheese.

On Saturday, Ben brought me up to Somerston, where he works. Holy gorgeous! It was insanely scenic and fabulous. We had the whole place to ourselves, so we drove around in a fire engine red ATV, drank wine, ate pears and strawberries and took in the views!

For whatever reason, we decided to stay in on Saturday night and watch a movie with Ben’s friends. Lucky we did because come 3:20 AM, I was awoken to the world shaking all around me. I can’t really remember exactly what happened because I had been sleeping so deeply, but I hopped off the couch, screamed for Ben and ran toward his doorway. The earthquake lasted between 30-60 seconds, but it felt like an eternity. Between my screams, glass shattering, the house flexing all the plaster from the walls, and the ground literally shoving itself into my feet, the din was overwhelming. When it finally ended, I found my footing, grabbed some shoes and got outside. I’m not exactly sure how the events sequenced because I sort of remember seeing Ben’s face, but the electricity was out, and I remember running to the door, but then fell down the stairs on the way out because my legs were still shaking. I proceeded to sit on the ground for a long time with my insides churning. We were nervous to go inside without the lights on, so we decided to head into town and survey the damage. There was glass and rubble everywhere. Bleary-eyed neighbors checked in on one another and wandered around, not sure what to do next.

When the sun finally came up, we headed home to see the damage. Every wall had cracked and hurled everything toward the middle of the rooms. It was interesting to see what broke and what stood. Wine bottles shattered on the floor, but stemmed glasses stood as it nothing had happened. The walls buckled, exposing beams underneath, but the TV didn’t even tip. So odd.

There was nothing left to do but drink some champagne, eat some cookie butter and feel lucky to be safe and unharmed.

I headed back to Boston on Sunday evening with tons of stories and a new found sense of WTF??? What I really realized is that worrying about bullshit like pizza and wine instead of enjoying every second while we’re here is plain stupid. I really, honestly!, feel like this has to be the end of all my anxieties. Sure, I could wander around being afraid of earthquakes, but what purpose does that serve me? Drink some bubbles, eat some cookie butter and chill. Cheers!


The Heavy Lifter’s Dilemma

Goooood morning!

Its absolutely GORGEOUS out today here in MA, so I’m hoping to post this bright and early and get outside!

I’ve been feeling a little lost at the gym lately. Actually scratch that. I haven’t been to the gym much lately. I’ve been trying to get outside as much as I can before school starts up again, so I’ve been doing some running (almost got that 4 mile mark!) and some group classes including spin and yoga. I realize that those are not outside, but it’s been such a nice way to mix up my regular routine of workouts. That being said, I really love lifting heavy shit…and I haven’t been doing much of that at all. I’m trying to make a more reasonable schedule for myself this fall since I’m starting a new job in a new town and I was so busy last year that I lost all focus. What that really means is being  more flexible…and we all know how easy that is for me. Well, I’ll give it a try. I’m hoping to lift, spin, and be merry in the not too distant future.

Anyway, speaking of the gym, here’s another upper body workout that I did last night. Since I’ve been taking a lot of spin classes, I’ve definitely been skimping in leg day…which is counterintuitive because stronger legs would make those hills and sprints much easier….my legs are just so tired! Oh well I’m sure quadzilla will make her return eventually.


I finished off with tabata sprints on the treadmill

1. walk 1 min at 4.0

2. sprint 20s at 8.0-9.0

3. hop on side rails for 10s

4. repeat steps 2-3 for a total of 4 mins or 8 rounds.

5. Walk 1 min 3.0

That’s about it for me today. I’m off to California tomorrow to visit my bro, so don’t miss me too much! Make sure to keep tabs on my Instagram and twitter while I’m away. Both links are on the sidebar!


Friday 5: fitness, fashion and more f-words

Hello! Happy Friday :) here are my favorites from this past week!

1. This upper body workout:image

I completed that workout on Tuesday. It’s definitely tough and hits biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and a little chest! I did 2 runs and yoga this week, so I’m definitely switching things up!

2. My newest Fabletics outfit:

It’s the Greece in purple and black. I’ve raved about Fabletics before, and this outfit does not disappoint! If you want a VIP invite, email me at for 50% off your first complete outfit!

3. This video:

so interesting.

4. Marshmallow nails:


My baby nails look like actual mini-marshmallows in this Essie color!

5. This:


Mindfulness for potty-mouths. That’s it for me this week! Have a fab weekend!


Bucket List Check-in

Good morning! It’s been pretty hectic around here, so apologize for the recent radio silence. I thought today I would check in on my Summer Bucket List and see how I’m doing!



1. COMPLETED: this summer I’ve taken boot camp, spin, and last megaformer Pilates class!

2. COMPLETED: I’ve made lots of new recipes, including this yummy salmon Monday night!IMG_4903-2.JPG

It’s grilled salmon (that I grilled myself!) in an Asian inspired marinade on a salad of baby arugula, dried cranberries, slivered almonds and goat cheese. I tossed it all in EVOO and balsamic vinegar. YUM! So easy.

3.Not quite yet: on Monday I ran 2.25 miles, walked for about .25 mile, the. Ran 1.75 miles home. I totaled 4 miles, but not all at once. I think I’ll get there soon!

4. COMPLETED with more weeks to come! Granted last week I got rained out, and Miami was technically a pool at the beach….I think I’ve held up my end of the beach bargain.

5. Not even close. I’ve read half of one book that I enjoy, but cannot seem to finish. Oh well.

6. Ehh…I saw a Chicago tribute band with my parents and made them leave after 10 minutes…I don’t think that counts.

7. COMPLETED: I’ve been traveling a lot, so I’ve been forced outside my restaurant comfort zone many times. I challenged myself not to look at menus ahead of time and go with the flow. Success!

8. Partially completed. We “hiked” up in Maine last weekend, but it was more of a bumpy walk…I’m gonna push for a real hike soon.

9. I’ve pinned lots of DIY stuff…does that count?. No? Fine.

10. MUCH IMPROVED! I feel like this summer has been a challenge and a success. My ability to stay present is variable, but much more consistent than before. I continue to strive for full recovery and mindfulness.

I have a few weeks left, so this isn’t the end for me yet!



5iveday August Style

Hellooooo! It’s Friday (I’ve been told, I literally have had no idea what day it is all week), so let’s talk about my 5 faves this week!

1. This workout:
I found it on Pinterest and it rocked my world. I modified a little: used cables and skipped the second round of squats. My tush was on FIRE the next day. I set up the workout to do 15, 10, 5, 10, 15 reps of each exercise per set, but then realized I was gonna barf, so I scaled back to 15, 10, 5.

2. Rainy beach days:

Ok hear me out. I went to the beach with my dad yesterday and after an hour or so, the sky opened up and it POURED. Like, biblical rain. We were soaked, but you know what? It was hilarious. I’ve been working so hard on being mindful and positive, that I searched for the good in a soggy situation. Sure, a beautiful sunny day with a golden tan would’ve been great, but I still got to spend the afternoon with my dad! See? Not so bad.

3. Jiff Whips:

Ya I’m sure this stuff isn’t the most healthy or clean, but GODDAMN it tastes good. I’m pretty sure it’s laced with crack. I’m totes ok with that.

4. This tank:

It’s from Forever21 and I’m not ashamed. It doesn’t seem to be on the site anymore, but here’s a similar tank

5. Spin at Vélo-City Boston:


I took a class there this morning with Nicole from Pumps and Iron and she kicked my little spinning butt! Such an awesome, fast paced workout, without any silly torque boards or competition with other riders. First class is free and they supply the shoes! Go try!

That’s it from me! Have an amazing weekend!