Snow Day Workout!

It’s a snow day here in Watertown! I was nervous when I first got up that we were buried under three feet of snow and I’d be stuck inside all day…so imagine my surprise when I looked outside and there was 2 inches of snow and the sun was shining! Yay! Let’s go to the gym!

Luckily, there was no one there:

Except that guy.

Except that guy ruining my pictures.

I’m used to being the only girl lifting, but it was nice to be the only human today!

It’s still a balmy 11 degrees out, so I had to bundle up. This is how I arrived at the gym:

bundled up

Yes, I politely waited for other gym patrons to vacate the selfie mirror prior to this selfie.

And magically transformed into this:

Do You Even Lift?

#Do You Even Lift?

I know what you’re thinking: “Becca, how do you get your hair so big?” That, my friends, is a god-given gift. Or maybe a gift from my mom, whom also enjoys the wonders of enormous hair (Hi mom!).

I know what else you’re thinking: “Becca, how do you get your arms so big?” That I can answer! Let’s talk about biceps, triceps and deltoids.

Lately I’ve been way into circuit training. An exercise “circuit” is one completion of all  exercises in the program with little rest between each exercise. Then go back to the first exercise again. Circuit training is a great way to keep your heart rate up, while still hitting specific muscle groups, and avoiding monotonous hours on the treadmill. I write my circuits to include agonist (target)  muscles, antagonist (opposing) muscles, and stabilizing muscles. For example, during a bicep curl the bicep is the agonist, the tricep is the antagonist, and the shoulders are the stabilizers. This way all of the muscles are engaged during the entire circuit. Make sense? No? Basically what I’m saying is that during each circuit you’ll hit each target muscle, all while opposing and stabilizing the muscles. It’s science. Believe me. I’m married to a scientist.

Here is the bicep, tricep and shoulder workout I did today. Complete each circuit 3 times with 10-12 reps per exercise (unless noted). Rest 1 minute between circuits. Each circuit contains a bicep, a tricep, a shoulder and a cardio exercise. Start with a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill and end with the same.

Bicep/Tricep/Shoulder Cardio Circuit

Circuit 1:
Barbell curls
Tricep dumbbell overhead extension
Shoulder press
30 sec Mountain climbers

Circuit 2:
Hammer curls
Skull Crushers
Front dumbbell raise
Burpees x10

Circuit 3:
Cable curls with bar
Cable tricep push down with rope
Lateral dumbbell raise
1 min run on treadmill

Circuit 4:
TRX curls
TRX tricep extension
Kettle bell swing punch x10

A note about weights. Choose a weight that is difficult to lift, but will not compromise good form. I typically start with a lower weight and aim for 12 reps, then increase weight and decrease reps on each circuit. This is called a “pyramid”.  I will not be adding the weight in my workouts posted here. As someone in eating disorder recovery, I know numbers can be difficult, so just do what YOU can, not what I can.

Some day I’ll figure out how to make super beautiful photo collages of me doing all of these exercises. Until then, here are a few videos to get you going! Now back to the couch for more snowday fun!

Tricep dumbbell overhead extension

Skull Crushers

TRX Curls

TRX Tricep Extensions

Kettle bell swing and punch

xo R


3 thoughts on “Snow Day Workout!

  1. Did this today – Replaced circuit 4 with hammers, cable pull downs, reverse flys. Good stuff! Send me workouts, I need to start mixing it up. No kettle bells – i only use cow bells. Need more cow bell!

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