Friday, I’m in Love…

Not my giant orange cat.

Note: not my giant orange cat.

Woo! Made it to Friday!

Something I like to do at the end of the week is reflect on the past 7 days and think about my highs and lows. This helps me keep everything in perspective. This week my high was my birthday, duh! Chris and I went to Oleana last night and absolutely gorged on delicious mezza. Give me hummus or give me death!


No guilt here! In fact, I slept through my alarm this morning to go to the gym and opted for a quick home workout this afternoon instead (more on that later!).

My low this week was an aggravation at work. There was a situation where a lack of communication ended in some hurt feelings (mine) and some serious anxiety (also mine…). As someone who struggled with food and body image for a very long time, it is evident that many of those issues stem from general insecurity. This has manifested itself in the way perfectionism. People are often surprised when I say that I’m a perfectionist and a total type A because I tend to keep that on the inside. However, this issue at work made me question my abilities and expertise as a professional. It forced me to take a step back and remember, Hey! Wait a second! I’m awesome. Even if I do make mistakes sometimes because I’m human! If someone thinks otherwise, they suck. End of story. So, yeah, this was an annoying situation to be involved in, and I know I’m being sort of cryptic about it, but I’m letting it go and starting my weekend without it on my shoulders. Bubye!

Like I said, I had big plans of going to the gym before work this morning and doing a bootcamp style work out…but then 5 am came and that was definitely not going to happen for me. I’ve been fighting off a cold for what feels like 3 months, but this week I’ve definitely been under the weather. I decided to do a quick homework based on this Peanut Butter Fingers workout. PbFingers is one of my fave blogs. I get inspired by her workouts all the time.

Here’s my modification for home:


I used Boardmaker to make this. SLP problems.

Complete 6 complete sets before moving on to the next set. Rest 15-30 seconds before starting over, rest 60 seconds before moving to the next set. It took me about 30 minutes to complete and I was drenched at the end.

A note: I attempted to video myself while working out to make some sweet tutorials…it was a major fail and you could basically see down my tank top through the whole workout. Not exactly my plan. I will say though, I had some very positive thoughts about my body while watching said failed video! I historically get nervous right before seeing pictures or videos of myself that I’m going to look terrible (at MEDA we call this “pre-freaking out”), but not today! Rita said every time I have a recovery thought like that I should write it down somewhere (Like the time I asked if lunch was going to be served at the inpatient eating disorder clinic during my presentation).

So kiddos, that’s it for me today. Have a fab weekend. Don’t do anything stupid…or do, it’s your life, who am I to judge?

xo R


3 thoughts on “Friday, I’m in Love…

  1. It’s so funny! You’re brave enough even to attempt making a video, I’m still too chicken for that haha! I also posted a similar picture to yours but it was a dog instead of a cat stretching.

    PS. Those are some good exercises! Try using PicMonkey, it’s free and very easy to use 🙂


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