Manic Monday Circuit Training

Me, in cat form.

Me, in cat form.

Hello! What a crazy, long day! I started off with a ridiculously sweaty full body circuit this morning. I learned from the little photo-shoot at the gym that I look like an actual zombie at 5 AM. So…here I am, sleepy face and all!

  • Difficulty: “intermediate-advanced”
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Each circuit is 3 sets of 10, 1 minute rest between each. The circuits each contain an upper body, lower body and cardio exercise

Set 1: Kettle Bell swings, kettle bell tactical lunges, barbell bicep curls

Set 2: Box jumps, overhead tricep extensions, machine chest press

Set 3: Power clean, Romanian (straight leg) dead lift, bent over row

Set 4: Lateral raises, weighted walking lunges (10×10 across gym), power lunge on box


IMG_4045 IMG_4046 IMG_4054

IMG_4056 IMG_4063 IMG_4065

 IMG_4070 IMG_4079 IMG_4081

I spent this afternoon training my lovely client, Jess. She’s just the most fab little mama out there (other than my fab mama, of course)! We are working together to get back to pre-baby shape. She is incredibly dedicated and motivated, which makes her such a dream to train! Oh and squeezing her gorgeous baby, Max, is such an added bonus!


Professional Emoji-ers.

That’s it for me today! I’m REALLY looking forward to some serious couch time tonight. Old me would be really anxious sitting here doing nothing, new me would like old me to pass the popcorn.

Make it a great week!

xo R


5 thoughts on “Manic Monday Circuit Training

  1. Becca! I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and so completely inspired. This blog is amazing, as are you! You are incredibly beautiful, 5am zombie-face and all. I will think of you as I start getting up at 8:45am to work out! 😜 thank you for sharing your awesome with the world!

  2. Hi! I just came across your blog (from CnC), and Love your workouts! Definitely going to print some and try them out.
    I live in Randolph, so we are sorta neighbors : )
    I look forward to following your blog!

      • I will! I have a small gym in the basement of our office, and its free, so I try to go 4x a week to get in some HIIT workouts, so alot of yours look perfect!
        What gym do you belong too? Most of the pics you post it looks pretty quiet there. My gym (LA Fitness) Is big, but always packed!

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