Saturday Morning SnoozeFest



I’ve had such a silly week! After reading my latest blog post in a different mind set I can see that I was such a hormonal disaster at the beginning of the week, that its no wonder I was having a hard time…hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

I didn’t blog much about workouts this week because A. I didn’t work out much this week, and B. When I did, they didn’t really seem blog-worthy. All week I’ve been questioning myself: professionalism, intelligence, ability, etc. Yesterday (while at the gym of all places), my dad called me while I was cooling down on the treadmill. I’m not one for talking on the phone at the gym, but I answered anyway (with my usual “Moe’s Tarven, Moe speakin'”. He asked for Amanda Hugandkiss). I told him that I was having a hard time and he reminded me (again!) that it’s winter; I always feel bummed and unsure this time of year. He was right, I need to cut myself some slack! I’m working a full time job, while juggling speech clients, training clients, a new business, oh and taking care of myself. That’s a lot for one person! Let’s reassess in a few weeks after Jamaica. Dads are wicked smaht sometimes*

*My mom often reminds me about this as well.

Anyway, I did do a great leg day workout yesterday that I’d love to share with you! My handy photographer was unavailable (read: asleep), so you’ll have to cope with some YouTube videos.

Leg Day Circuit

  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Print

Complete this circuit 3-4 times, 10-12 reps per exercise, 1 minute between circuits

Barbell Squat

Calve raise with barbell on shoulders

Romanian deadlift

Single leg quad extension

Single leg hamstring curl

Kettlebell (or dumbbell) plie squat

Box jumps


Complete 3 times

Pop squats on 12 in step

Butt blaster with resistance bands

A word on squats: A good squat involves feet at shoulder distance, toes slightly turned out, weight in heels. When you squat down, keep your body upright (no falling forward!), knees over second and third toe, and sit straight down. This will SERIOUSLY target your butt, quads, hamstrings and even core. Squats are one of the very best compound exercises to get your heart rate elevated and hit multiple muscle groups in 1 rep.

here are some videos to get you going!

Today is Chris’ birthday! We started the day with a 7:30 AM Billy Joel singalong (no, seriously. It’s my dream to someday know all the words of We Didn’t Start the Fire) and a couple puffy-faced selfies!

Vladmir Klutchnuts and his sidekick, Monique.

Vladmir Klutchnuts and his sidekick, Monique, on the Downeaster’ Alexa

Chris is celebrating his birthday by playing in a poker tournament in Connecticut (at an unnamed Indian Reservation). I am celebrating by going to MEDA for Hope and Inspiration! This is a monthly event where a recovered speaker presents his or her story and experience with eating disorders. It’s pretty awesome. Guess who’s presenting next month?! MOI! It’s an open forum for anyone to attend, so come on down! Want more info? Visit

That’s really all I got for today! I’m hoping for another kickass workout today…maybe I’ll ask a stranger at the gym to snap some photos. That’s not weird, is it?


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