Snow Day Life: Resistance Bands and Rotisserie Chicken.

Hey hey! It’s another LOVELY snow day here in Watertown…except this time we got some actual snow. I’m so ready for Jamaican sunshine.

Oliver feeling romantic

Oliver feeling romantic

Yesterday I did a really great home workout using resistance bands. I’ve been using resistance bands both with my clients and during my own workouts and feel really strongly about the benefits. Resistance bands are great for a variety of reasons. They are cheap, versatile, small, and low impact. Resistance bands are easily adaptable for more or less resistance during your workout. Additionally, bands do not use gravity to provide force, so muscles are under continuous tension while exercising. I’m currently having a love affair with resistance bands with handles like these. I also keep an eye out at stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx for awesome deals ($8 and below).

Here is the workout I did yesterday with my medium weight band:

Resistance Band Home Workout

  • Difficulty: beginner-advanced
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And look at this! I figured out how to take selfie videos to share! The angle is not the best since I used my iPad, but it’s a start! This blog has taught me that I make weird faces when I exercise…so deal with it.

Not bad, huh?? During the Oblique Twists, the band is wrapped around the leg of my couch, which is hard to see in the video. I finished this workout up with 20 minutes of tabata. Tabata training is a high intensity interval training method that involves 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. My workout included intervals of in-in-out-outs, skaters, table kicks, sprints, burpees, and standing crunches. Cycle through 3 times, with 1 minute complete rest between. Experiment with different body weight exercises and find what works for you!

Today I did a YouTube yoga workout that I didn’t love. I recently had a conversation with my aunt (who happens to be a yoga instructor) about the benefit of bad workouts. She reminded me to look for what I can learn from a less than perfect situation. What I didn’t like about this video was the lack of warm up, so that was a good reminder to stress the importance of a warm up with my clients! See? You can always find some positive.

I also wanted to share some more quick and easy meal ideas with you. I love to cook, but I really prefer to “assemble” meals from whatever I can find in the fridge. Since I’m usually short on time, I try to keep healthy, quick options in the house to throw together. One of my favorite fridge staples is rotisserie chicken. Here are two super simple meal ideas using it:

IMG_4237 IMG_4240

Option 1 is rotisserie chicken thrown together with a bag of frozen brown and wild rice, frozen veggies, reduced sodium soy sauce, an egg and a drop of honey  mustard. Just fry it all together in a pan until the egg is scrambled. Super delish and filling.

Option 2 is a chicken “panini”. It’s a whole wheat tortilla smeared with honey mustard stuffed with chicken, munster cheese, and spinach. I ate it with a ginormous glob of hummus and baby carrots.

Both of these options can easily be made the night before and heated up for lunch (which is what I normally do) and contain a great mix of protein, carbs and fat. I usually have a piece of fruit with my lunch as well.

That’s pretty much it for me today! Stay warm!

xo R


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