Tooshie Bouncin’ Leg Day and a Sip of Haterade

Hey! Welcome to Hump Day! Today promises to be a long one, so let’s rock and roll!

Last night I got to the gym around 5:30, which was a terrible mistake. It was insanely crowded…which is bad on two fronts. 1: There’s limited space for me to bounce around during circuits and 2: There are tons of people lifting with horrible form and there’s not really  much I can do about it. At least they’re movin’, amiright?

Anyway, since it was so crowded, I did not take pictures…although I’m pretty sure I photobombed a BUNCH of male selfies in the weight room…#sorrynotsorry. Here’s the super sweaty, heart pumpin’ leg workout I did:

Tooshie Bouncin' Leg Day Workout

  • Difficulty: intermediate-advanced
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Warm up 5 minutes on treadmill and do a few body weight squats before starting the workout.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 6.48.13 AM

This workout involves a lot of lateral movements, so it really targets outer thigh and tooshie. Also, I can’t stop referring to glutes as “tooshie” so just move on.

Here are some videos to get you movin’:

Split Squat

Side-to-Side Squat

Curtsy Lunges

Pop Squat (I used a dumbell, but you can do these with just body weight as well!)

Ball Hamstring Curls

Yesterday, my second article ran on the Huffington Post Healthy Living Page. I’m feeling super excited about it and pumped about the number of views and shares! However, I learned a pretty tough lesson yesterday. Chris has always warned me that whatever is on the internet is open for criticism…and we’re not talking about constructive criticism. For the most part, my article was met with positive feedback…but there were also some pretty harsh reviews…particularly from men. What I find interesting is that these men felt the need to comment on a women’s fitness post, written by a women for women, in the first place, then repost their comments on various social media sites!  Additionally, the comments were often regarding subjective material (i.e.: the word “heavy”), stating that I was incorrect in my definition. My hope for this article was to teach women that lifting HEAVIER weights will not make them bulk up, but rather provides numerous health benefits! I’m not preaching power lifting, I’m teaching healthy lifestyle. Just like everything else, I am learning to let the negativity go.

So, gentlemen, if you’re reading this: I believe that women should lift as heavy as they can, with control, with good form. I also believe that lifting weights can be empowering for women…and that all you haters should just move on. /rant.




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