Back, Biceps, and Beer: a tribute

Happy Saturday! HOORAY! Lately, I’m living for the weekend…so let’s rock and roll.

Yesterday, I did a back and bicep workout (as promised!). I have to say, I’m able to lift much heavier weight with both chest and back when training each group separately. As we all know: heavy weight = stronger muscles = happy girl. Heavy weight ≠ Big, bulky, hulk-like girl. I will continue to hammer that into your heads forever, so get used to it.

Back and Biceps

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Here are some videos to get you movin’:

reverse grip lat pull down

drag curls

cross body curls <–except use some weight

After this workout, I went over to Forever 21 (because I refuse to grow up) and tried on some tops and made an observation. Biceps and shirts made for children do not mix:


Ok, I get it. The shirt is ugly AND cutting off circulation to my arms.

 On another note, this weekend is St. Patrick’s Day! In Boston, we take this holiday VERY seriously. In fact, Suffolk County (where Boston is located) refers to the day as “Evacuation Day” and gives employees of the city the day off from work! Bostonians LOVE a good drinking holiday (like Marathon Monday, because nothing supports runners more than beer). Chicks struggling with eating disorders may not feel the same way. I have a long-standing, awkward relationship with Boston-based all day drinking extravaganzas.

Don’t get me wrong: I definitely enjoy a few cocktails, but in the past definitely used alcohol as an escape. It was always easy to drink away the stress and anxiety of life…and being a state school alum, I am very familiar with binge drinking Thursday-Sunday every week. There are literally hundreds of pictures of me looking real drunk, confused, and hungry. Many people relate eating disorders to addiction, and I absolutely agree. In fact, many individuals suffering from eating disorders, also struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, among other mental health conditions.

A very big part of my recovery included taking a look at avoidance strategies that I was using, including binge drinking. This also included taking a look at my circle of friends and determining who was unhealthy for me to be around. It’s unpleasant and painful, but sometimes you have to take care of you.


So now, years later, I am able to look forward to a weekend of booze of friends and know that I am able to control myself around former triggers. If you’re not ready, it’s totally alright to say “no thanks”. As for me, I’m totes gonna drink some green beers and rock out in Southie.

That’s all the knowledge I can drop today. Have a fab weekend! Stay safe out there, Boston!



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