Girly Workouts: Why Pink Makes You More Badass

Hey everyone!

I cannot explain how happy I am to have nothing to do today. I’m finally going to get a mani/pedi and re-watch a thousand episodes of Game of Thrones in anticipation of tomorrow night’s premiere (minus the Red Wedding, because I simply cannot relive that). Ugh, such a nerd.


Anyway… I’m still riding the dropset wave this week and did the following chest, tricep and shoulder workout last night at the gym. I made the conscious decision to wear as much Barbie pink as humanly possible, making this quite possibly the girliest heavy workout ever. I really think most of my power derives from these insanely pink compression tights…it’s a thing…believe me.  I mean, what’s more badass than pink tights, a cut up tank top and a tie-dyed headband? I was glowing like a beacon in the weight room.


Sexy is the New Sore, Indeed!

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the back of this sick Marshall tank find. It’s all braided and weird. I love it so much.

Complete 3 rounds of each giant set with 8-12 reps per exercise. Complete dropset immediately following third set (approx. 50% of working set weight). Rest 1 minute between sets.


click on thumbnail for slideshow view

Cable crossover 21s: complete 7 reps each with cables at low, shoulder, and high heights.

Twisting chest press: start with dumbbells at chest and press straight up. During the eccentric portion (returning to starting position), rotate arms inward so that palms are facing your face. During concentric movement (pushing away), arms rotate outward so palms are facing away from the face.

I’m really liking this dropset style of workout. It feels really silly grabbing little baby weights, but your muscles fatigue so much quicker and you will DEFINITELY feel it the next day. I certainly have…plus my baby muscles be poppin’!

Welp, I’d love to stick around, but I must get back to the couch for 36 more hours of GoT. Byes!



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