Snot, Glutes and a Confession.

Hi Friends!

It’s Monday, and I’m home with a gross head cold 😦 Post nasal drip, why must you torture me?!


Thanks, Ryan

I just wanted to share an insanely hard leg workout I did on Saturday. I found a fabulous Instagram @ladyfitworkouts by Bernice Salazar. She is an WBFF Pro and Personal Trainer…and total badass. Her workouts tend to include supersets, plyo intervals and tons of stability work. Holy moly…I’m still sore today. I did THIS workout with a few modifications. You can see her instagram for videos of the exercises. Instead of using the music platform, I just did 4 circuits of 10 reps with no rest between exercises and replaced the Romanian Deadlifts with Good Mornings and the back lunges with walking lunges.

IMG_5167Dem Quads, tho!

I obviously prefer to write my own workouts, but I also really love trying new and different workouts. I often use workouts from PB Fingers, Pumps and Iron and FitSugar. I think it’s important to have a well rounded, varied exercise plan. I often get stuck in a workout rut and it’s super helpful to check out what other trainers are doing to switch it up.

In other news: this season I have decided that hot pink lipstick is where it’s at. Nothing screams SPRINGTIME more than looking like a crazy person.


Coincidentally, this lipstick is the exact same color as my  new Under Armour compression tights featured in my last post. This lipstick is the Vivids line from Maybelline. The color is Fuchsia Flash. I am usually a MAC lipstick faithful, but for a silly color like this, I figured $7 was my limit.

That’s pretty much it for me today…other than a confession. The other day I posted a selfie of myself at the gym. Immediately following said posting, I felt incredibly guilty and need to let it out: that selfie was retouched. WHEW! I feel so much better telling you! I know it’s not a huge deal, since I only edited my zits and under eye bags, but I really want this blog to be a honest place and for everyone to feel comfortable. IMG_5192

OK! OK! Another confession: I edited the lipstick selfie as well. AHH! So sorry. I’m having some skin issues. HELP!

Alright, now that the air is cleared, I’m getting back to some cold meds and Will and Grace reruns. Anyone have some fitness blogs they follow for workouts? Other than F&S, of course! Let me know in the comments.



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