Kettlebells and Interval Training: A match made in heaven

Heyo! It’s Saturday and it’s GORGEOUS outside…what a fab combination! I’m rounding out my weight free week and feelin’ awesome. I just got back from my walk to and from the gym with a kettlebell Tabata workout thrown in for good measure. As I posted earlier this week, Tabata is where it’s at in terms of interval training. I did a 30  minute workout and was absolutely DRENCHED in sweat:

IMG_5240Could I be wearing any more colors?!

Kettlebells are super awesome and here’s why: they combine strength and cardio during a single, compound exercise, which in turn means quicker, more effective workouts. Also, every KB exercise puts huge demand on the stabilizing muscles of the core, which means you have to work even harder to maintain balance. Furthermore, KBs strengthen the tendons and ligaments better than traditional dumbbells, reducing chance of injury. See? They rock. So as you can see…mixing Tabata and KBs means increased fat burning, core strengthening, and tushie sweat.

Here is the workout I wrote for today. My photographer was unavailable, so just envision the above rainbow-looking crazy person jumping around the gym for 30 minutes. You’ll need one medium-heavy KB and a jump rope.

Kettlebell Tabata

Complete each round of Tabata’s for 4 minutes straight (20 seconds rest, 10 seconds rest). Rest 1 full minute between rounds. After completing all 4 rounds, rest 2 minutes, then repeat each round for 2 minutes straight, resting if necessary.


Figure 8

High Row

Clean and Press

KB Swing <–this is a great, simple tutorial on KB form.

As I said earlier this week, I attended my first  Barre class on Wednesday night. It was definitely NOT what I was expecting…and I don’t really think it’s for me. I know tons of people love these classes so I’m not going to blast it here. I will say that due to the popularity of these classes, form and safety did not appear to be a priority of the instructors. I’ll stick to throwing around heavy shit, and tap dancing with maracas:

IMG_5234Me, circa 1993. The 90s were a weird time.

Welp, I think that’s all I got for today. As you can see, I’m being forced to repeat workout clothes on the blog (#whitegirlproblems), so maybe I’ll treat myself to a new pair of compression tights today…or if any super amazing fitness clothing companies are reading this…help a sista’ out!



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