I <3 New York (and cocktails!)

Good morning! I’m back and ready to get back on track this week.

I was in New York since Thursday morning with my brother, Chris and our friend Bryan. We stayed with my surrogate big brother, Zac, in Williamsburg. We could be found eating and drinking our way across the city. Oy, I do not feel awesome today…but I’m nearly positive that it will pass.

I know I have posted numerous times about my anxiety around trips, so I will not bore you with another whine-fest about that, but I will say that this week was another conquest for me in that department! Sure, I ate a lot of atypical stuff for me and managed to drink like a billion cocktail, but I had a blast.

On Thursday, when we arrived, we went to Ssam Bar, by Momofuku, and ate all kinds of weird animal parts (like pig ears, for example)…so yum. On Friday, Zac and I had plans of hitting the gym, so I woke up before the rest of the boys and made myself a little breakfast:


Yogurt with granola, peanut butter and green tea

Next, Zac put me on the J train and met me in the Lower East Side where I got on a Citibike and rode to TriBeCa…

I only almost got hit by a car once! Not bad for a little Boston chick in the big city (Ok, Zac may have rode on the outside of me to protect me because he said he’d rather be hit by a car than hit by my mom when I got hit by a car…). When we got to the gym, we did a little full body, core centric workout with Zac’s buddy Liam. It’s always fun to hit up new and different gyms! Especially when you have to take really scary means of transportation to get there…

After our sweat sesh, I demanded bagels and bagels I received!

IMG_5337Good God, have you ever seen anything more beautiful?!

We then spent the afternoon wandering around Williamsburg. I’ve been to NYC like a billion times, but I’ve never spent any time in this super trendy neighborhood. We shopped and walked, and walked and shopped. Eventually we stopped at the Whythe Hotel, which is basically the coolest place ever. Ever get the feeling that you’re way less cool than you thought you were? Ya…that’s basically the feeling I got at Whythe. They also make bangin’ champagne cocktails:

photo 1-1Best view in Brooklyn. That’s the Freedom Tower peaking over my cocktail.

That evening, we ate a 7 course dinner at Hearth in the East Village. That’s right. SEVEN courses. With wine pairings. Woah, I was supremely full and happy. The boys went out after dinner, but I needed to hit a bed ASAP. I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

photo 2-1Many glasses, a donut and a very full brother.

Saturday, the boys were struggling…but I felt like a million bucks. We hit up the Smorgasbord in Brooklyn, which is basically a big food festival every Saturday morning right on the water. Chris, Zac and I devoured a cemita, which is a Mexican sandwich filled with chicken, avocado, cheese, onions, and other mystery deliciousness.

Finally, to round out our eating extravaganza, Ben, Chris and I met our very old friends, the Volpe’s, at the single most Brooklyn establishment I have ever entered. Picture the quintessential Soprano’s mob front…and it was this restaurant. I ate an actual pile of shellfish.

IMG_5379 10168110_10152373117816182_798933154618354429_n

And that, my friends, is how you manage to squeeze as many meals and cocktails as humanly possible, into 2 days in NYC. Today, I will get back on track at the gym and go to the grocery store to get some real food for the week. Truth is, yes, I feel a teensy bit guilty about eating so much, but I keep reminding myself that I had a kickass time. I can see ED standing on the other side of the metaphorical eating disorder road, waving me over, but he can stay just there. I’ll keep moving along as planned.

That’s it for me! Check back this week for some new workouts and maybe some recipes if I can motivate myself to cook something interesting.




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