An Ode to Legs (and why you should squat now!)

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What an exciting couple of days it has been! I’m now ambassador to 3 different companies, which in turn have put me in touch with some super amazing bloggers and fitness enthusiasts, and opened the world of blog sharing, features, and swaps! So, keep an eye out for some super amazing guest bloggers in the near future! If you thought I was good…you are in for a treat!

On Saturday I received my very first Fabletics package! Fabletics is a great (and affordable!) fitness clothing company. Basically, you sign up, take a quick survey, and they customize your showroom with adorable, functional and quality outfits. The best part is the first outfit is only $25! I just finished working out in my outfit and I have to say that I am SUPER impressed! I’ve worn several different brands of fitness attire and constantly struggle with the dreaded waist band slump and sweaty crotch (#sorrynotsorry). The crops I got are super soft and literally did not move once throughout the entire workout. And no sweaty crotch! WHAT?! The top is just super duper adorable and breathes really nicely. At the end of my workout, I had sweaty hair and a dry body…amazing! You can bet I’ll be back for more outfits!

Check it out:

Outfit/Sports Bra

Anyway, I wanted to talk about legs and the importance of working your leg muscles. Our legs are comprised of some of the largest muscle groups in our body and carry us from place to place…so they’re pretty important. At the most basic level, legs can be broken down into the quadriceps (the front of the thighs) and the hamstrings (the back of the thighs), and the glutes (even though they’re not actually part of the leg). Since the muscle groups are so large, that means they burn the most calories. And since muscles burn more calories at rest than fat, developed leg muscles will help burn even more calories at rest. They also provide the most energy based on their size, so stronger legs will increase endurance. Increased endurance means less fatigue. Less fatigue means more partying!

Legs take us from point A to point B, so while leg muscles are super hot (IMO), they are also vital for helping us maintain mobility. (source)

In addition to those facts, leg exercises that include multiple joints (such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges) necessitate increased core stability. This means that muscle, tendon and ligament recruitment is increased, so general strength and stability throughout your entire body will increase. Remember, as women (I’m just gonna assume most of you are women), we do not have enough testosterone to get really huge leg muscles. We do, however, tend to have a much stronger lower body than upper body (relatively speaking), so we can lift pretty heavy weights! Do not be afraid to push it more than you think you can! Also, try to get a combination of free weights and machines, as machines target one specific muscle group and free weights target multiple muscle groups (aka stabilizers).

With that said, the following is my most recent leg workout. It combines barbells, machines and kettlebells with cardio intervals. Doing cardio intervals with strength training exercises utilizes the aerobic and anerobic systems. The aerobic system maintains endurance and the anaerobic system maintains short, high intensity exercise. Improving both systems increases cardiovascular capacity in much less time.  (source)

Leg Interval Workout

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Complete each strength exercise 10-12 times. Complete each cardio interval for 30s. Complete entire circuit 4x, resting 1 minute between circuits.

Front squat to back squat

Pulsing squat (30s)

Quad extension with oblique crunch

Foot fires (30s)

Hamstring Curls with hyperextension

Power step up (30s)

Kettlebell swing with flip to squat

That’s all I got! Keep squatting chicks! Every time I post leg workouts, I realize how splayed out my feet still are. I’m working on that adductor strength, but I fear it may be anatomical. Also, I have a labral tear in my left hip, which is why my left leg turns out even more. Oy. I’m so fabulously imperfect.



17 thoughts on “An Ode to Legs (and why you should squat now!)

  1. Love this post fellow #sweatpink lady!

    First off, I’ve been thinking about ordering from Fabletics, but wasn’t sure about the quality. See, I am a diehard Under Armour gal and with few exceptions, that’s all I wear. But your review convinced me to give them a try.

    Secondly, I cannot agree more with you on the importance of taking care of our legs. As a fitness instructor, I tell me students this ALL THE TIME! Our legs carry us our entire lives. They should be the strongest part of us. Love the workout. I’m so glad today is lifting day!

  2. This looks awesome!! I need to do more circuits. I was lifting regularly but now that I’m half marathon training I end up skimping on lifting because it all takes up so much time. Thanks for the workout!

  3. I am checking out that clothing company stat! I love a good set of legs! 😉 Thanks for the ideas, I’ll be utilizing some of this in my next boot camp.

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  5. Fabletics is so great – so soft. My own problem is that I get so comfy in them I don’t move and go to the gym!

    …and I’m stealing that e-card you posted. Love the site.

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