Blog Swap! Welcome Clean Eating and Focused Training!

Ohhhh you are in for a treat today! Welcome to my very first blog swap! Today, our blog is hosted by the fabulous Liz and Tyler over at Clean Eating and Focused Training! Liz and Tyler are a couple of college kids that have made health and fitness a priority in an otherwise pizza-driven world. They post tons of workouts, recipes, and general life tips. There’s the added bonus that they are pretty much the cutest couple ever…so go check them out! The following is a post from their series: “What’s in my food?!”


Let’s take a look at the popular sports drink – Gatorade Orange. Gatorade prides itself on being the best way to fuel yourself before, during, and after a workout… but after you take a look at their ingredients you might rethink that.


Ingredients (In Order of listing)

Water– This is what you should be drinking. Water. Good old plain water.

Sugar-We all know what sugar is, and we know that adding it to our foods is not good for us. One bottle of Orange Gatorade has over 50 grams of sugar. Just to put that into perspective, thats the same amount of sugar in 2 (yes, two) Snickers bars. Its approximately 4 tablespoons worth of sugar. Would you eat 4 tablespoons of sugar? No.. I didn’t think so

Dextrose– Sneaky Gatorade… Dextrose is just another name for sugar! Dextrose is a form of glucose, and is naturally produced in plants. But its also commercially produced in high masses… so yea,we’ll pass on that.

Citric Acid– Citric Acid is used to add flavoring to products and give it that awesome five year shelf life. Want to know what else citric acid is used it? Take a look at your household cleaners.. chances are you’ll find it listed in the ingredients because it helps to cut on grease. Yum.

Natural Flavors-‘Natural Flavor’ is in just about every processed food you can find… except its not very ‘natural’. Natural flavors are actually concocted in laboratories by ‘flavorists’.  In their labs they use a mix of ‘natural’ and artificial chemicals to create extracts/flavorings. Natural flavorings are used in many common processed foods such as seltzer, soda and nearly all fast food. So that yummy flavor that tastes like ‘orange’ is really just a mix of chemicals. Shocking and sadly enough, the FDA actually is aware of this and APPROVES it. Crazy.

Salt– We all like salt.. it makes everything taste better. If you want to put a *little* salt on your dinner for some flavor.. thats fine. But lets just stop and think for a second… why is there salt in a drink that is supposed to be hydrating you….. If I do recall salt DEhydrates you. One bottle of gatorade has close to 400mg of sodium… so you’re probably going to just be more thirsty after drinking it!

Sodium Citrate– Sodium Citrate is very similar to Citric Acid. It is used to regulate the acidity in foods, give it flavor, and preserve it… No thanks.

Monopotassium Phosphate– Again… very similar to sodium citrate and citric acid. We’ll pass.

Gum Arabic– Gum Arabic is used to change the consistency in foods. Oh and its also used to bind watercolor paint,  pigment to photographs, and in firework composition. Pretty sure its something we should probably NOT be eating.

Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate– This makes me laugh. If you google this ingredient the first thing that comes up is that it’s a “generally safe food additive.” Thank you, FDA for this. So good to know that in general, its safe.  Let me tell you.. in general its NOT safe. Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate is used in printing inks, perfume, lacquer/decorative coating. Just because the FDA hasn’t directly correlated it to any negative health effects doesn’t mean it should be okay to put in out drinks. If they’re using it in printing ink, you probably shouldn’t be consuming it.. just a thought.

Glycerol– Sneaky Gatorade again! Glycerol is another name for sugar. It gives foods a strong taste of sweetness, but has a low carbohydrate level. Glycerol was first used as anti-freeze, but later taken over by a different product that had a lower freezing point. Yea.. you know.. antifreeze…the highly toxic chemical you put in your cars. So we’ll leave it at that. We DEFINITELY don’t want to be drinking this.

Ester of Rosin– While there are no health effects directly related to consuming Ester of Rosin, it is responsible for helping to keep the oils from separating in the drink. So basically its hiding all the crap thats in your drink..

Yellow 6– Yellow 6 gives your drink that pretty color. Food colorings/dyes have been said to be related to hypertension. Why put dye in your food? You don’t need it. Eat foods that are naturally different colors. Not something that was processed.

Hopefully this opened your eyes to see whats in the foods that many of us commonly eat/drink. If there’s a product you would like to see analyzed.. let us know in the comments!


See?! These two know their stuff! Make sure to follow them on Instagram: @cleaneatingfocusedtraining

Also, check out the tank I won through their IG contest! IMG_5590#sunsoutgunsout c/o UberFit



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