Let Me Get This Off My Shoulders…

Hi. What’s up? Me too.

I am absolutely DRAGGING this week and have approximately zero motivation to do anything. Seriously. AND! What’s with the weather?! 85 and sunny followed by 55 and rainy? Uhhh…no thank you! Boo! Hiss! Plus earlier this week I saw a picture of myself that was NOT flattering and I had really old ED thoughts creep right back into my brain. C’mon. NO THANK YOU! With a little support from my besties and my mom (also my bestie), I was able to tell ED to go away…ain’t nobody got time for that!

Anyway…I was whining about my lack of shoulder definition the other day, so I decided I need to ramp it up a little at the gym…since I’ve been skipping shoulder day since, oh I dunno, 2008. My father blessed me with incredibly broad shoulders that I was always pretty self conscious about. People never want to believe me, since I’m generally pretty small, but in actuality my shoulders are broader than my hips. I know it sounds like I’m bitching and body shaming, but for realz, these bad boys are linebacker material.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsJust call me Jerod Mayo, pink accessories and all.

But you know what?! They’re awesome. They’re big and strong, and make me look super tough (in my own little pink way). I used to always shy away from training shoulders in fear that they would just get bigger and weirder and touch my ears eventually. And you know how those seams on your shirts are supposed to hit right on your shoulders? That’s literally never happened to me. However, once I finally figured out how to train my shoulders (aka deltoids or delts) appropriately, I found that the definition really made my arms look stronger and more defined. So while, no, halter tops are not part of my normal wardrobe (big loss there…), my purse never falls down…so there’s that. Plus, they’re mine. And that’s effin’ amazing.

Deltoids have 3 heads: anterior, lateral and posterior. All three heads must be trained to maintain proper balance both physiologically and aesthetically. I’ve seen a lot of chicks out there that ONLY train anterior delts (think front raises), but that can cause all sorts of problems such as over training and muscular imbalances. Think of it this way: would you ever only put nail polish on one hand? No! That would be weird. So stop only training one side of your body (this goes for all exercise, not just shoulders!). /rant.

The following is the Shoulder Interval workout I did this past weekend. It kicked my linebacker ass.

Shoulder HIIT

Complete each exercise for 20s with 10s rest for 8 rounds (4 min total). Rest 1 minute between exercises.

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That’s all I got today. What do you do to fight body consciousness? Let me know in the comments!





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