That Time I Went For a Run (and you got a discount!)

Hey y’all!

I just want it to be known that this morning…against all odds and obstacles…I went for a jog. Thank you, thank you! Hold your applause!

Ok all kidding aside, I know it sounds so ridiculous to announce a run, but anyone who knows me knows that I LOATHE running and I’m pretty sure running loathes me just as much. When I was younger (an more naive), I used to think that if I could run long distances, I would be fit. Now I know that fitness takes many forms, and running just isn’t really my thang. I have a hip problem, and when not properly warmed up or stretched, becomes a back, knee and ankle problem. Not to mention I find running incredibly boring. Again, my opinion.

However, I have some exciting news regarding my morning run! I have entered into the New England 5k Foam Fest! cropped-5k-Foam-Fest-Logo

Whether you’re a mud run junkie or a foam fatale, we know you’ve got a dirty side. But when it comes to lacing up your shoes for another fun run, you’re gonna want a little more than just some dirt on your shirt. So come get filthy clean!

The 5k Foam Fest has all the mud pits and trail running obstacles you could ask for − but with a foamy fun twist! So whether you’re an expert mudder or a first time foamster, you’ll LOVE running, jumping, and bouncing your way through our 15+ obstacles filled with mud, fun, and fluffy white foam!

Sounds pretty awesome, right?! Well, #sweatpink has teamed up with 5k Foam Fest this year and we all reap the benefits! Use code FF3732 for $5 off your registration fee and make sure to sign up with my team: Flex and Shout (duh!).  Sign up quick, because space appears to be very limited!

So back to my run. We ran to the gym, which is about 1.5 miles from home. While that may seem silly to my avid running readers…this is a big deal for me! Once we got there (and after lying on a bench for 5 minutes), we did a quick back and bi workout. I *almost* called an Uber to come take me home, but we persevered and made it home doing some run/walk intervals (run 5 min, walk 3). I learned some important facts during this little run: Space pants fall down when you run, sweatshirts are a no no, keys kinda hurt when your shove them in your bra, and I definitely need a second pair of sneakers. Hey, you live, you learn! Let’s see if I can keep it up! My goal is to be able to run round trip to and from the gym in 30 minutes without dying by June 21 (date of the 5k, about 6 weeks away).

IMG_5676Post run selfie. If you’re wondering if I chose that outfit based on it’s
reflect-ability, the answer is: it was already light out. Let’s move on.

Any tips for new a new runner?! Let me know in the comments! Also, let me know if you sign up with my team! I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!


PS: to all my email subscribers: Sorry if you received this blog post around 7 AM! I accidentally published it before it was done…

PPS: My coupon code doesn’t seem to be working yet. It should be up and working tonight! Please email me at if there is still a problem!

2 thoughts on “That Time I Went For a Run (and you got a discount!)

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