Five Things I’m Lovin’ on Friday

Hellooo! it’s Friday!!! Out here in the blogosphere there’s a little thing called “Friday 5”. It’s that thing where bloggers list 5 things related to anything…


Here are 5 things I’m loving this week:

1. Chia Bars: 51CNtq+X-QL._SY300_These little bars are SO delish. I had a sample at Whole Foods (by A sample I mean 6 samples) the other day and I was totally hooked. They are packed with chia goodness like fiber, protein, and healthy omega fats! I ate them plain or broken up into my yogurt…mmm…. Find them here!

2. Balanced Guru No Friz Hair Oil:


This little bottle of magic came in my Ipsy Glam Bag this month. I’m never sold on hair oil because they never actually keep my beast tame…but this stuff worked really well! Just a little bit goes a long way! Grab yours here!

3. Riesling: Reisling2

Ohhhhh boyyyy do I love Rielsing. What screams “SPRINGTIME!” more than a monstrous glass of light, fruity, delicious riesling?! NOTHING! That’s what. It’s my all time favorite springtime bevvy! Here’s some more info on Riesling for all of you naysayers that thing it’s just a dessert wine (spoiler alert: IT’S NOT!)

4. My insane family:


Keep in mind, this is actually only half of my family. The other side is EQUALLY CRAZY (I’m looking at you Leah and Tamara!). This picture holds a special place for me because I’m pretty sure it’s the last whole fam portrait before my grandfather passed away last October. Aren’t we cute?! Anyway, I was at my grandma’ house the other day and witness the following conversation between her and my 91 year old aunt:

Bubbie: You know, women really have so little self-respect these days. Some women go to bed with men after the FIRST DATE!
Auntie: FIRST DATE?! They don’t even know each other!
Bubbie: Well…maybe second. But still!
Me: (silent/wide eyed)

Holy crap. Sex talks with my 85 year old grandma can now me crossed off my bucket list..whew.

5. My uberfit tank top giveaway!

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 6.17.04 AM

Today is the last day to enter! So get out there and start pinning! Check out my last post about the contest. Winner will be announced this afternoon! So get on it! GO GO GO!

That’s it for me! Have a FAB FRIDAY!



3 thoughts on “Five Things I’m Lovin’ on Friday

  1. Thanks so much for joining in on my blog hop/link up last Friday! I’ll have one posted again this week. I LOVE your faves above. I might have to check out that hair oil. I got some a year or so ago and it’s almost gone….and of course it’s impossible to find now. I’ve seriously got a crazy mane without some good quality oil!

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