The Taste of Summertime

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! Don’t you love when Monday is actually a Tuesday? I ❤ long weekends!

Did everyone have a nice Memorial Day Weekend? What a great kickoff to what promises to be an amazing summer! We had a pretty tame couple of days, but I am rested and ready to face the (4 day) week 🙂

Saturday I did some shopping with my mama and bought these kickass Nikes on MEGA sale at DSW:


I’ve heard mixed things about Nike and stability, but these were comfortable throughout both a circuit workout on Saturday and my run this morning! So…I’ll keep you updated.

Sunday, Chris and I set out on quite the adventure to redo our deck. One of the main reasons we took our apartment was because it has a brand new deck right off the kitchen. We had my parents old patio furniture from the Jurassic period out there, but it didn’t feel right. So we made the executive decision to get new furniture and a brand spankin’ new grill! So grown up. We had to drive to like 600 different places on Saturday between borrowing Chris’ dad’s SUV, picking up the new patio furniture and going to 2 different stores looking for a grill and finally coming home. Whew. We were exhausted, but it was worth it in the end if I do say so myself!


Yesterday morning my dad came over and helped me pick out some flowers and herbs and put together those planters. I even had dirt under my fingernails to prove it! We are SO excited to get grillin’ this summer! Any recipes you love?! Wanna come over for dinner? Leave the info in the comments 😉

Here are some more pics from our intro to summer weekend:

In other news, Chris and I continue to train for our 5k (which sounds ridiculous to me), and this morning we had our longest interval run (45 minutes!) Here’s the interval we did:

45 Minute Run/Walk Interval Workout

Can be done outside or on a treadmill. Choose a pace that’s comfortable and maintainable.

Interval 1: Walk 2 min
Interval 2: Jog 5 min
Interval 3: Walk 3 min
Interval 4: Jog 5 min
Interval 5: Walk 2 min
Interval 6: Jog 5 min
Interval 7: Walk 1 min
Interval 8: Jog 5 min
Interval 9: Walk 2 min
Interval 10: Jog 5 min
Interval 11: Walk 3 min
Interval 12: Jog 5 min
Interval 13: Walk 2 min

I followed up with this stretch/cooldown from I am feeling great and ready to face the day! I’m still definitely not sold on the whole running thing, but today felt pretty good and my endurance has increased rapidly.

Well that’s pretty much it for me! Thank you to everyone that participated in the Uberfit Tank Top Contest last week and congrats to Emily over at Wanna Be Awesome Me! Go check out her blog! She’s a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador, so you know you she’s cool 😉 Enjoy your tank!

For everyone else, head over to uberfit and use code FLEXSHOUT for 20% off your order for the next month! Thank you to Uberfit! You guys rock 🙂

Have a fab week!




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