Midwest Shower and Metabolic Power: a weekend in Indy with a new circuit training idea

GOOOD morning! Welcome to Monday! What a weekend!

I was in Indianapolis all weekend for my best friend’s midwest Bridal Shower! It was such a blast and I am so lucky to have amazing friends like her! Indy is a cool city and we definitely got the royal treatment while visiting. Here are a few pics to sum up the weekend (sorry if you already follow me on Instagram or are my friend on FB, prepare for further photo blasting):


I’m pretty proud of myself after this trip. I feel as if I ate what I wanted to eat, drank what I wanted to drink, and didn’t allow guilt to set in when I wanted an extra hor d’oeurve or taste a little more dessert. I do know that sometimes at big events, I get distracted and anxious and have a hard time eating enough. I think this weekend it became evident that that is something I need to continue to work on. Sure, being with a group of gorgeous girls can be nerve-wracking for someone with some body image stuff still lingering, but it certainly is no excuse to step backward on my work. I am making progress with each event and strive toward further recovery with each day.

Anyway, this week should be pretty busy and I’m hoping to get some good circuit workouts and a few runs in. Of course this morning I slept through my alarm and will have to get to the gym this afternoon. I found this article on bodybuilding.com last night called 5 Ingredients for the Perfect Fat Loss Circuit. It’s pretty interesting and discusses the science behind full-body circuit training and how to select exercises for a better metabolic workout. Here’s the formula:

  1. Upper-body pushing exercise
  2. Upper-body pulling exercise
  3. Lower-body leg- or hip-oriented exercise
  4. Core exercise
  5. Cardio exercise

Each of the strength exercises is completed for 30s and the cardio exercises are completed for 1-2 minutes. This formula favors compound exercises and integrates both unilateral and bilateral joint exercises. Basically, 5 exercises for 5 minutes per circuit. I’m going to try one of the pre-written workouts today (with some modifications) and hopefully  write my own version later this week. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Well that’s it. How was everyone’s weekend?



2 thoughts on “Midwest Shower and Metabolic Power: a weekend in Indy with a new circuit training idea

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