A Coffee Drinker Drinks Tea, Hysteria Ensues (plus a new circuit workout!)

Hello! How are ya??

So I decided to give that circuit training formula that I discussed in my last post a shot on Monday night! HOLY CRAP it was hard. Like, a lot harder than I expected…I really liked it though! I decided to draw from a few of the choices provided and add some of my old faves. Here’s the workout I did:

Fat Loss Five Circuit Workout

Each circuit contains a push, pull, lower body, core and cardio exercise. Complete each strength activity for 30 seconds (or 15s per side) with 15 seconds rest between and each cardio exercise for 1 minute (total circuit time is 5 minutes including rest). Rest at least 1 minute between circuits, repeat each circuit 3 times total.

Circuit 1:

Circuit 2:

Circuit 3:

Last night I was invited to an event at David’s Tea in Boston by my old friend, Erin. It was super cool! I’m a coffee drinker through and through, but I’m always open to new stuff. David’s is expanding their summertime line with some super amazing and delicious ice tea blends that are perfect for sipping by the pool (with a little rum boost maybe?!). These teas are a great alternative to sugary juices or soda. Plus, they had some great cocktail ideas for some low sugar, antioxidant rich, boozy poolside treats! I’m not convinced that antioxidants are something I should be so concerned about, but they certainly taste good!

I explained to the staff that I’m really not a tea drinker, so they showed me some tea’s that may interest me. Do you know about maté? Do you know that sometimes they add chocolate to tea?? Do you know that if you add a little sparkling water to ice tea it tastes like unicorn tears? For realz…I might be a real tea convert! The staff at David’s was nice enough to let me take some goofy pictures to share with all of you. Make sure to check out David’s Tea online and in real life in one of their 3 Boston locations to experience the real tea thang!

Such a beautiful store! Make sure to pop in and use the hashtags #teatour, #boston so David (we’re buds now) and I can see what sort of tea-trouble you’re getting into! And if you’re wondering, yes I’m wearing a vest.

That’s it from me! I’m gonna give that circuit another go later this week and hopefully get out on another run. I tried to run today, but it was SERIOUSLY humid and I sorta wanted to lay down and cry. So I had to cut myself some slack and walk more than I hoped…oh well!



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