Red Hair and a Labral Tear: my weekend in review

Hellooooo! It’s Tuesday and only 3 more days of school until summer can officially begin! This past weekend was super fun! I’m now a redhead:


and Saturday was the 5k Foam Fest!:

IMG_6062I’m going to wait until the official pictures come out to give you a full recap, but that is a before and after shot from the run. There was a water slide at the end, so you can’t even tell how muddy we were! I literally had mud in and around my mouth and eyes for the majority of the run. Ew. There were also HUGE hills throughout the course, which I was not expecting. I also managed to absolutely mangle my legs in one of the mud pits…my preschoolers were so concerned about me yesterday and kept asking about my booboos!


Shield your eyes from the whitest legs in the whole north east! Girlfriend needs some sun!

This week, I’m planning on taking it a little bit easier. My hip was unhappy with me following that uphill run and for wearing old sneakers. On Sunday I hit up an amazing yoga class at Sweat and Soul Yoga. Their classes tend to be more athletic and upbeat, which is perfect for me! Except I probably overdid it and my hip was even madder after class…ugh. I’ve written a little about my hip in the past, but to refresh you all: I have a labral tear in my left hip (possibly two tears), which happened about 4-5 years ago. I say 4-5 because there was not any one event that caused my tear, and it was probably a result of my forward facing hips and inward facing femurs (like a boy!).

mcdc7_labrum_jpg.ashxc/o Mayo Clinic. That’s me on the left šŸ˜‰

I’ve been told by several fitness and medical professionals that I have really narrow hips that don’t really move very well…thanks guys. Anyway, the labrum (also found in your shoulder), is a ring of cartilage that rims the outer portion of the hip joint. The labrum acts as a seal to hold the top of the femur into the pelvis. Labral tears are common in athletes, but can also be a result of anatomical weirdness (double whammy for me!). The treatment is usually cortisone injections and potentially surgery to repair the tear. At the time of my injury I was not a candidate for surgical repair because I was only 24 and my doctor explained that the success rate was very low for patients under 30…and I’d eventually probably need a hip replacement. Cool. I have had one cortisone injection and honestly it took the pain away for a really long time. I get flair ups every once in awhile when I do not stretch enough or when it rains for days on end (I’m an old man). I’ve been in a bit of a flair up for the past few weeks. I’ve also noticed that my right foot has been splaying out pretty remarkably, which can mean that I’m overcompensating with the right side of my body…not good. So I’m exploring some other remedies. I thought yoga might help…but all the hip opening activities actually made it worse. Has anyone else dealt with this before? Help!

Welp, I think that’s all the complaining I have in me today. Hope you all have a super fab week! ā¤



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