5k Foam Fest: photo evidence that I got muddy on purpose.

Wahoo! It’s Thursday. I’m having a wacky week, so I am READY for summer vacay. Like whoa.

As promised, here is my 5k Foam Fest Review! What an incredibly fun and filthy day! Chris and I had an absolute blast and will def be back next year! As a self-proclaimed girly girl and lover of all things pink, this was certainly outside of my comfort zone. When I told people that I was participating in this event, most reactions included a “why?”, but I’m so glad I did it!

We were signed up for the 12:30 heat, but being all the way up in Haverhill, MA, we gave ourselves tons of time to get there. We hit the road at 9:15 and go to the parking lot in about an hour. Once we got there, we learned why the race officials urged participants to arrive early…IMG_6031We were approximately 900th in line to get on the bus. Apparently there was a bus issue, but it didn’t really take away from the fun of the day. We met tons of crazies in line from all over New England. I loved that there were people of all different ages and levels of fitness. This was not a race (I use that term loosely here) for the elite. It was for everyone! Even a team made entirely of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Truly all inclusive.


Anyway, once we got to the race location, we registered, got our bibs, and checked out the scene. There were games, amusements, contests, and refreshments available, which was super cool and fun for before and after the race. The race began with a foam covered start line, which was actually so silly and hilarious. It was like an old school frat foam party (I’m a state school girl, what can I say?!), so everyone got nice and dirty right off the line! When our heat began, Chris and I got right up to the front to ensure proper foamy-goodness.

According to the website, there were supposed to be 14 obstacles throughout the 3.1 mile run. I was a bit disappointed to find out that there were really only 7 or 8, and none of them were very challenging. I will say, the run itself was basically all uphill and SUPER hard. We found ourselves (and pretty much all other participants) walking a lot. We also had to wait in line at a few of the obstacles, so between that and walking, the race took a lot longer than expected. All that being said, we still got muddy, foamy and smiley! Here are my personal pics and some pro pics from throughout the race:

All in all, we had a kickass time. We were sweaty, foamy, muddy…all kinds of good stuff. This was my very first race, and I’m already signed up for another 5k in August (oy). I’m so glad I got to participate, it was truly a weird experience 😉 Check out 5k Foam Fest ‘s website and use my code FF6016 for $5 off your entry fee!

Have a good one!



7 thoughts on “5k Foam Fest: photo evidence that I got muddy on purpose.

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  2. The Foam Fest race looks like a lot of fun! I’m a pretty girly girl too and generally don’t like getting muddy or dirty, but I’d brave it for a race like that!

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