Flexing, Shouting and Tire Flipping: My TUFF Workout

GOOOOOOD morning! I don’t even know what day it is…Tuesday? I think that’s right. It is Triple H in Massachusetts today (Hot, Hazy and Humid), so I am heading to the beach as soon as I finish this post. In accordance with my Bucket List, I must go to the beach once a week, so I’m really just doing my duty.

In addition to hitting the beach every week, I also promised myself that I would try 3 new fitness classes. So to uphold my end, last night I headed up to Crossfit TUFF in Nashua, NH to partake in possibly the sweatiest, barfiest, and most hilarious boot camp class ever. In case you’re wondering: Yes, that’s me on the website as the “Beautiful Bride”! So a little back story: I met John (TUFF owner) through his sister and my friend, Kathleen. Before I got married, I decided that I needed a trainer to help me fit into my wedding dress. Mind you, I was VERY much still in the throws of ED. Anyway, I met with John and told him what was going on and he actually told me to stop counting calories. Ummm excuse me?! I couldn’t even believe that those words had come out of a trainer’s mouth. I was actually appalled…but I went back. And saw results. And got super strong. And looked bangin’ on my wedding day. Oh, and stopped counting calories. So basically, John is awesome and essentially shoved me over the line of recovery. He also described me as having a “colorful personality”, so I’m gonna go ahead and take that as a compliment.

Picture 1

So, yeah, TUFF is a Crossfit gym, but it’s really so much more than that. John is obsessed with good form (one time made me do squats with the bar for an hour straight until I got the form right, barf), and safety, which are often overlooked at other similar facilities. Last night, I did a boot camp class with Kathleen, her husband Matt, and two of my old favorites, Beth and Douce! Kathleen and John’s dad, the Colonel, ran the class. I have to preface by saying that it absolutely POURED before class and it was approximately 9 trillion degrees with a million percent humidity in the gym…so things got a bit sweaty. Yeesh.

photo 2(1)The Colonel and John

The class consisted on 10 stations and intervals varying between 20 and 30 seconds 3 times around. Then abs. Then shove as much food in your face as possible. Which is exactly what we did. The stations consisted of body weight work, dumbbells,  kettlebells, medicine balls, suspension, and tire flipping. Yep. Tire. Flipping.

The class had 10 students of all ages, sizes and abilities, which was cool to see. Everyone worked as hard as they could, using variations and modifications when necessary. The Col. had his eye on everyone, giving helpful tips and making sure we were working as hard as we could. All in all, I got an insane workout and today I can’t raise my arms above shoulder level. Awesome.

Here is some more photo evidence:

Don’t worry, we got a picture of Matt doing curls too:

photo 3(1)And if you think I didn’t make Douce take a video of me flipping tires and Kathleen doing ballerina burpees, then you obviously don’t know me at all:

That’s it from me. Don’t forget about the F&S training plan sale that’s going on! Tell your friends! Shout it from the rooftops!



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