Friday Five: Recovery Style

Helloooooo! It’s Friday (I’m pretty sure it is, right?), so you know what that means! It’s 5iveday! This week I thought I would share my 5 pro-recovery items of the week!

1. Bikinis on the beach:

photo 1(3)

I headed to the beach on Tuesday to visit my in-laws and to get a little color. (I’m basically Olaf from Frozen). I tossed on a teeny bikini and took notice of what other people were doing. No one stopped to stare at me, no one made comments, no one even cared…because it’s the beach and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was wearing a revealing bathing suit and going about their beach business. Every time I have a successful summer day, I make sure to take inventory of my emotions and my actions. Tuesday was a win!

2. Treat Yo Self (or, in this case, my mom treating me)


Yesterday, I was supposed to go to a pilates class. I was sort of dreading it, but kept on convincing myself that I needed to workout. Then, out of some sort of magical telepathy, my mom called and asked if I wanted a mani/pedi at the EXACT time of my pilates class. Uh…YA! So I canceled my class and spent some QT with my mom, and got my nails in tip top shape for the weekend! Double win! Sometimes when I’m not able to listen to my body, I still require some outside sources (like my family and friends) to give me options other than working out. Know what? I feel great this morning. No guilt. Fab nails.

3. Unexpected Events:

On Tuesday (after the beach), our friend Mike called and asked if we wanted free Red Sox tickets for that night’s game. I had just gotten home from the beach and put on my pajamas (it was like 5 o’clock…) and was planning on cooking a super healthy dinner for us. The old me would have panicked with a change in plans and definitely would have said no to the tickets. Instead, I put some clothes back on, popped the chicken back in the fridge and headed out to Fenway. We sat in the State Street Pavilion, which is super fancy and fun. Chris and I drank gross cocktails and watched the Sox choke. While that might not sound fun for anyone else, it was a successful evening for me! ED definitely would have ruined the experience for me, so I’m glad he wasn’t around!

4. This workout:

Picture 2c/o

This chick is FOR REAL! If ever you want to feel like a powerful, hulk-like, crazy person, do this workout. Part of recovery is finding your inner strength. For me, my external strength influenced my internal strength. ED wants us weak, that’s when we need him. If you’re strong enough, you can punch ED right in the kisser and say SEE YA! :P

5. Weekends with best friends:


Tomorrow is my best friend Rachel’s Boston shower! It’s only a few short months until her wedding extravaganza, so I’m extra pumped to have her in town this weekend! The shower promises to be filled with lots of treats that would have scared the *bleep* out of me before! Instead, I’m taking time to remember what this weekend is about. Building memories with my best friends during super special occasions is what matters…not the cookies I ate or mimosas I drank (although those are super awesome too!).  PLUS we’re all getting our hair done before the shower, so we’ll look bangin’. I’ll be sure to post pics next week 😉

So there ya go! Summer recovery is where it’s at! That’s all for me today, make sure to check out the new Uberfit badge on the right hand bar on the blog. Use code FLEXANDSHOUT to get 20% off your orders! The company is awesome and I’m sure all you F&S readers want to support them too!

Have a fab weekend!



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