Pursuit Boston: when it’s OK to go nowhere fast

Hey Hey!

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for all the amazing love and support following my post yesterday. It’s so cool that I am able to connect to others that might be having the same thoughts and feelings. My hopes are that by posting real, actual emotions and situations, others might be able to be honest about their own personal struggles. Listen, life is pretty awesome, but sometimes we have hiccups. I am feeling a BAJILLION times better today thanks to all of you ❤


Anyway, yesterday I went to a spin class at Pursuit Boston and it basically rocked my world. I’ve only been to maybe 2 spin classes previously, so I don’t have a ton of comparison, but I pretty much swore off spin after my last experience…and Pursuit made me want come back ASAP!


I met the instructor, Amanda, on Saturday night when I was out drinking…which is basically the best way to meet fellow fitness professionals, amirite?! Amanda used to work with Rachel, so we already knew pretty much everything about one another before even meeting. She told me that she ran the 7:00 AM class on Mondays and that I would love it. Seemed like a great idea at the time, so I hopped online to sign up as soon as I got home from the bar at 2:00 AM…it was less exciting on Monday morning when I remember that I don’t work in the summer, and 7 might as well be the middle of the night for me. Oy. But I persevered!

Pursuit is located right in Copley Square, which is amazing. The studio is beautiful and super clean. They have everything you need, including towels, water coolers, and foam rollers, so you can just show up and sweat! Oh, and Mr. Bojangles hangs out there, so it’s even better!

photo 4(1)

That’s Amanda on the left, Jennie (Pursuit owner) on the right, and Mr. Bojangles front and center!

Amanda’s style of teaching was super approachable and she reminded the class that the 45 minutes belonged to us, and to listen to our own bodies…which is good because I definitely cheated with the resistance the whole time.  Those hills are hard, man! The music was bumpin’ and 45 minutes flew by! I left an actual puddle under my bike.

The really cool thing about Pursuit, is that each bike measures the riders stats and records them in your own file. After class, I received an email with all of my class stats like distance, speed, and estimated calories burned. That way, you have measurable data to compare with your next ride. Pretty awesome!



Here’s your stats for Pursuit – Classic Spin with Amanda on 7/14/2014 7:00AM:


0 P/Kg



Average RPM


High RPM


Average Power

108 Watts

High Power

190 Watts

Energy (Kilo Joules)

270.37 kJ


16.93 Miles

Estimated Calories



45 mins

and of course, a super sweaty selfie:

photo 5
So definitely go check out Pursuit! First class is free! You’ll love it!

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