Fuel Your Better: Vega Sport Pre-Workout Review

Good morning! It’s a beautiful Tuesday here in MA! Let’s talk about energy.

In the summer, I definitely need an extra boost to get myself to the gym or out on a run. Plain and simple, it’s hot and I’m lazy. If I don’t get myself to the gym first thing in the morning, it’s REALLY tough to motivate myself later on in the heat. I’ve tried a lot of different options: waiting until the heat dissipates (even harder to motivate myself at night), drinking iced coffee (give me a tummy ache), or forcing myself to work out (feel weak and guilty for not listening to my body). So, these things haven’t been going so well…

So imagine my excitement when I was selected to review Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer! Vega is a pretty awesome, plant-based sport supplement company. This product is diary, gluten and soy free, and Vega does not use any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners in any of their products, which is fine by me! The pre-workout is acai berry flavored and comes in individual packets (no measuring required!) and claimed to “provide immediate and sustained energy”. Yeah, right. I’ll believe when I see it…and then I did. photo 1(11)

I decided to first try this product before a run. As we all know, running is still pretty new to me and still definitely not my favorite. I used a packet of Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer in water about 20 minutes before my run as the directions suggested. I’ve used pre-workout supp’s before and usually after a few minutes I start to geek out a little. My fingers and toes start to tingle and then my heart starts to race. I’ve never done crack, but I imagine that’s what it feels like. Anyway, Vega didn’t do that at all. I was actually wondering if it was working because I didn’t feel much different. I headed out on my run and 30 minutes later realized I had ran 3 miles without stopping (which is a pretty huge accomplishment for this baby runner!). Sure, I was tired, but it definitely fueled me right through. I’ve since tried this pre-workout before lifting sessions and boot camp, and it definitely held up its end of the bargain by fueling me better.

photo 2(12)

I really like that this produce provides a smooth, natural energy with no crash afterward. No belly ache or race for the bathroom (#sorrynotsorry). The supplement facts list all pronounceable ingredients including coconut, yerba mate, green tea, rhodiola, ginseng, tumeric and ginger as energy sources. No scary synthetics. You better believe I’ll be trying other Vega products. For more info click #fuelyourbetter!

That’s it for me! Have a fab day!



Disclaimer: I was provided with this product for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.



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