You Can’t Sit With Us: a weekend in Miami recap

Hello! It’s Monday. I’m tired. And hungover. And have no voice. Must have had the best time EVER in Miami!

Woo! What a weekend! It was filled with champagne, bikinis, sunshine, club nights and tiny dresses. Pretty much a recipe for success! I have to say, I was pretty nervous and self conscious going in, but I honestly had such a blast and I know the bride did too!

It was interesting being in a large group of beautiful girls and really listening to what they each had to say. Body consciousness came up sort of a lot this weekend in both a direct and indirect way (which I guess isn’t surprising since we were all either wearing bathing suits or skin tight dresses). Several of the girls that I found myself comparing to were making negative comments about their own bodies. Normally that’s not a huge deal, and actually expected in a way. Our society has instructed us to be this way and that it’s ok. Well, it’s not, and we need to find something positive about ourselves every day and stop comparing. It’s certainly not easy, but let’s give it a try! I’m ready!

Here are some pics from the best weekend everrrr!

I saw a really interesting TED talk the day before I left for Miami covering the topic of body image and it had some pretty staggering stats. It’s really worth the 16 minutes.

You can learn more about Jes Baker here

I’m feeling empowered today (can you tell??) and really ready to leave this negative body image behind. When I look at the above photos of myself I need to make a decision. I can either overanalyze and feel bad about my body, or remember the kick ass time we had celebrating together! I think I’ll go with the latter.

Have a fab day and make sure to say something nice about yourself before days end (it can be harder than you think!).



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