5iveday August Style

Hellooooo! It’s Friday (I’ve been told, I literally have had no idea what day it is all week), so let’s talk about my 5 faves this week!

1. This workout:
I found it on Pinterest and it rocked my world. I modified a little: used cables and skipped the second round of squats. My tush was on FIRE the next day. I set up the workout to do 15, 10, 5, 10, 15 reps of each exercise per set, but then realized I was gonna barf, so I scaled back to 15, 10, 5.

2. Rainy beach days:

Ok hear me out. I went to the beach with my dad yesterday and after an hour or so, the sky opened up and it POURED. Like, biblical rain. We were soaked, but you know what? It was hilarious. I’ve been working so hard on being mindful and positive, that I searched for the good in a soggy situation. Sure, a beautiful sunny day with a golden tan would’ve been great, but I still got to spend the afternoon with my dad! See? Not so bad.

3. Jiff Whips:

Ya I’m sure this stuff isn’t the most healthy or clean, but GODDAMN it tastes good. I’m pretty sure it’s laced with crack. I’m totes ok with that.

4. This tank:

It’s from Forever21 and I’m not ashamed. It doesn’t seem to be on the site anymore, but here’s a similar tank

5. Spin at Vélo-City Boston:


I took a class there this morning with Nicole from Pumps and Iron and she kicked my little spinning butt! Such an awesome, fast paced workout, without any silly torque boards or competition with other riders. First class is free and they supply the shoes! Go try!

That’s it from me! Have an amazing weekend!


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