Bucket List Check-in

Good morning! It’s been pretty hectic around here, so apologize for the recent radio silence. I thought today I would check in on my Summer Bucket List and see how I’m doing!



1. COMPLETED: this summer I’ve taken boot camp, spin, and last megaformer Pilates class!

2. COMPLETED: I’ve made lots of new recipes, including this yummy salmon Monday night!IMG_4903-2.JPG

It’s grilled salmon (that I grilled myself!) in an Asian inspired marinade on a salad of baby arugula, dried cranberries, slivered almonds and goat cheese. I tossed it all in EVOO and balsamic vinegar. YUM! So easy.

3.Not quite yet: on Monday I ran 2.25 miles, walked for about .25 mile, the. Ran 1.75 miles home. I totaled 4 miles, but not all at once. I think I’ll get there soon!

4. COMPLETED with more weeks to come! Granted last week I got rained out, and Miami was technically a pool at the beach….I think I’ve held up my end of the beach bargain.

5. Not even close. I’ve read half of one book that I enjoy, but cannot seem to finish. Oh well.

6. Ehh…I saw a Chicago tribute band with my parents and made them leave after 10 minutes…I don’t think that counts.

7. COMPLETED: I’ve been traveling a lot, so I’ve been forced outside my restaurant comfort zone many times. I challenged myself not to look at menus ahead of time and go with the flow. Success!

8. Partially completed. We “hiked” up in Maine last weekend, but it was more of a bumpy walk…I’m gonna push for a real hike soon.

9. I’ve pinned lots of DIY stuff…does that count?. No? Fine.

10. MUCH IMPROVED! I feel like this summer has been a challenge and a success. My ability to stay present is variable, but much more consistent than before. I continue to strive for full recovery and mindfulness.

I have a few weeks left, so this isn’t the end for me yet!




One thought on “Bucket List Check-in

  1. Ha I’ve also pinned a ton of DIY stuff but can’t seem to actually make anything. I’m incredibly creative on my pinterest board though 😉 It seems like you are right on track to finish out the bucket list strong! Good luck with the run!

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