Change is Good…right???

Morning! It’s Friday and also my last official day of summer vacation 😦 I start my new job in Tuesday (which is exciting!), and things are about to get super crazy.

If we’re friends on FB you already know, but Chris and I bought a house! We’re super pumped and can’t wait to move to our new town and get situated, but there are several road bumps already along the way. For example, our lease was extended to 9/30, but we don’t close on our new house until 10/31…uhhh…so my fabulous parents are gaining two human and two feline roommates for a few weeks. Thanks mom and dad!


As I said above, I’m also starting a new job. New job and new house within a few weeks of one another would have previously been a recipe for disaster for me (although last time I moved and started a job, I also got married within a week). So many transitions can be anxiety provoking, and don’t get me wrong, I am definitely anxious. However, I’m not allowing these exciting memories to be overshadowed by stress and self-loathing. I’m letting it stay fun, and trying to just ride out the anxiety.

Yes, I’ve already thought about what gym I’ll join in the interim and what gym I’ll join in our new town. I’m sad to leave Gymit, since it’s cheap and awesome, but I’m sure something else will turn up!

Speaking of gyms, now that school is starting back up, Chris and I will hopefully get back into our morning workout routine and I will start sharing more workouts with you all again. I’m thinking about starting this cutting plan this weekend for the next 6 weeks until Rachel’s wedding!


Anyone interested in joining me?? I like the combo of standard weight training, super sets and plyometrics in this program. Let’s do it!

So, all in all, transitions can be hard and scary, but they are also exciting and new! I’m going with the latter and can’t wait to see what this new year brings! Yay for change!


Happy Labor Day! Stay safe and have a good time!



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