Bye Bye Summer: the ups and downs

Hi! Happy Labor Day! It’s my last official day of summer vacation (#sadface), so I thought I’d give you a little wrap up and perspective as we ease into fall.

As as you might remember, summer was a little rocky for me. See here and here for more info about how summer impacted my recovery this year. It wasn’t all fun and games this season. I certainly had my share of ED dips, but coincidentally, I also feel the most recovered ever. I’ve learned so much about myself this year and have made a very clear and conscious decision to leave ED in the past. Sure, I had tough moments, but I also had a kickass time living my life! I did tons of traveling, eating, and drinking, plus I fit fitness into my life without compromise.



No, I did not achieve everything on my bucket list, but it did push me outside of my routine! I ran a super muddy/foamy 5k. I went to new fitness classes like boot camp and spin, went to Miami with a bunch of hot chicks, Newport with the hubs, and lived through and earthquake in Napa. Plus I landed an awesome new job and we bought our dream house! So yeah, this summer rocked.


All in all, a fab summer! We rounded out the summer by going to a UMass football game (our alma mater!), eating many brownies at a BBQ, and going to the beach for one last hurrah. Have a fab holiday!


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