One Exercise To Rule Them All

Hi! Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday inout out out a plea for some blog suggestions as I was starting to feel super unmotivated…we’ll ask and ye shall receive! My good pal Sarah from the Huffington Post (oh and from high school) suggested that I write about what one exercise I would do if I could only do one for the rest of my life! Oh Sarah, you always have to be so tricky 😉

This really got me thinking. At first I though: easy! Squats! But then I thought about what kind of misery endless squats would be…so I went back to the drawing board. I tried to think of an exercise that would be compound in nature (hit multiple body parts), and not super torturous. Duh! PLANKS!

 So many different types of planks! Elbow planks! Side planks! Rocking planks! Walking planks! I LOVE PLANKS! Planks are an isometric exercise (contracting muscles in a stable position), which require stabilization of the upper and lower body, as well as deep abdominal muscles. Literally your whole body engages during a plank with correct form.


The primary muscles being used during a plank are the erector spinae, the rectus abdomimus and the transverse abdominus, which are all muscles of the core. Strengthening these muscles help protect the spine, promote better posture, and might even give you that sick 6 pack. Stabilizing muscles during planks include all three heads of the deltoid, pecs, traps, and rhomboids, plus a little bicep and tricep. Also! The glutes, hamstrings and quads! Seriously, is there anything planks can’t do?? Source

Anyway, to do a plank with good form: get your elbows directly under your shoulders and keep your torso in one straight line from your butt to the top of your head. Keep your gaze about 3 feet ahead of your hands as to keep your neck nice and long. GO PLANK! NOW!

Oh! I have some exciting news for my local readers! I will now be taking clients are TriJake in Wellesley, MA! I’m super excited to be a member of this awesome team! Make sure to check out the website and come visit us soon!

imageWhat one exercise would you do if you could only do one for the rest of your life?? Let me know in the comments! 



8 thoughts on “One Exercise To Rule Them All

  1. Gotta love the plank! I loved being able to do that throughout my pregnancy and maintain my “core” strength. I would be crazy like fitfoodiemama and go with burpee. Targets it all! 🙂

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