Fitness Five Friday!

Happy Friday! Here are my 5 fitness faves this week!

1. Circuit training:

imageI’m super short on time lately. Between working full time, training clients, packing my house to move, and everything else, spending hours at the gym is just not going to work. I have about an hour from the moment my sneakers hit the gym floor until I hit the shower, so I have to get the most out of my time. Circuit training allows me to hit strength, cardio, stability and flexibility all during one quick workout. Experiment with varying rest time and adding cardio intervals to find what works for you.

2 The Fitness Games:

imageThe Fitness Games is an awesome new app available on iOS and android! It integrates fitness and social media and allows users to challenge friends (or themselves) to workouts! I’ll have a post dedicated to TFG very soon, but in the meantime check it out! Feel free to add me as a friend! My user name is Rebecca Mahoney.

3. This Buzzfeed article:


It’s hilarious. And painfully true. I live an Instagram lie #supersorry.

4. Misty Copeland:


As a former dancer (I know…), this chick is SO inspirational. I did ballet for 14 years and don’t ever remember encountering a positive body image role model like Misty. She’s strong, beautiful, and talented (like me! Or something…). Read more about Misty here and see some workout tips while you’re at it.

5. #nextmilestonechallenge with Katie K!


our Instagram challenge is underway! Head over to @katiekactive for your daily challenge and make sure to tag your pics with @katiekactive and #nextmilestonechallenge. I’ve had a sneak peak at some of the prizes and they are LEGIT!

Have a fab weekend!



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