Fitting It All In: can you have it all?

Life has been really busy lately. Like…crazy busy. I’m still settling at my new job, we moved last weekend, I see clients after work and still volunteer at MEDA. Oh and sometimes I like to see my friends and (god forbid) husband. I’m freaking exhausted! So, how do I still have time to workout, keep up with celebrity gossip and blog?? It’s not easy, but here’s the deal: I make time.


my priorities have shifted a bit in the past few weeks. Last spring I was writing new workouts to do every morning at 5, take pictures and post across social media. I was super unhappy in my professional life, so I focused my time on building my blog and following. Now, my new job is going really great and I find myself wanting to get there early and not minding staying late. That means waking up even earlier to get my workouts in. It also means I have less time at the gym, so I really have to have a plan of attack when I’m there! I’ve been utilizing outside sources like and the Fitness Games to help me organize workouts.

Another way to fit things in: do fewer things. If I had it my way, I’d work all day, train clients all night, blog every morning,  run support groups every week and drink wine with friends every weekend. Sounds nice…but I’d also last about 1 week before hating my life. I’m the kind of person that wants to do it all, but also the kind of person that gets overwhelmed VERY easily. So instead, I made the very conscious decision to work all day, train a few clients, blog when I have something important to say, and see my friends as much as I can. What’s the point of life if you can’t enjoy yourself?? The. Ore I get involved in, the less important each part becomes. I am much happier and fulfilled when I dedicate myself to a few special things.

Anyway, speaking of making time, I’m WAY into interval and circuit training. I have an interim gym membership while we camp out at my parents house at the YMCA, which is actually the worlds tiniest gym. Therefore I need to be pretty creative with my workouts as to avoid equipment that’s being monopolized by high schoolers or the elderly (I’m the only one in between I think). I did the following workout the other day, and I have to say that I successfully did not wait for a machine or walk into any meatheads!


Do each set 3x, then do a tabata interval before moving to the next set. Tabata intervals are 20s of work followed by 10s of rest for 8 rounds or 4 minutes total. Finish the workout with 3 rounds of the shoulder circuit with no rest.

And in case I don’t have enough to do, Chris and I are participating in the Light the Night fundraiser through Chris’ company, Agios. Funds support leukemia and lymphoma research and treatment. Please consider donating to our team goal!

you can learn more about Agios and the cool stuff they’re doing in this New Yorker Article!

So, how do you fit it all in? 



4 thoughts on “Fitting It All In: can you have it all?

  1. It can be such a challenge to try to do everything. I think sometimes life has different seasons some for work, some for play, etc. I’ve given up on trying to do “everything” because I know it’s just not possible.

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  3. Okay, you’re part superwoman, and I love it! I want to fit it all in too. I love how you said you focus on a few things, and that’s it. I think that’s the way to go, because those are the things that are truly most valuable to you, and you’ve developed the ability to drop the rest. Way to go. And, I’m eyein’ that workout. Looks like fun. Thanks for linking up. I sorry I didn’t read this sooner. Are you on Instagram? @theFitSwitch

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