Hump Day Lady Lumps and Free Personal Training!

Hi Everyone! It’s hump day and I am LOVING this short week!  It’s also halfway through the month, which means Chris and I are halfway through our month of living with my parents! Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂 We are SO grateful to my parents for letting us crash while we’re homeless, but also SO ready to move into our house and get started on our new grownup life. It’s tough to feel grown up with you’re living in your parents basement with all of your worldly possessions piled up in the garage and your cats banished to the dungeon.

Anyway, yesterday I made the massive mistake of going to the gym after school. It was crawling with high school boys monopolizing the squat rack and milling around texting one another (I can only assume). So…I had to make due on my leg day with no squat rack. I made use of the leg machines, kettlebells and plyometric lower body exercises to absolutely tear up my lower body in a really good way. Check out my workout and give it a try! It only took about 35-45 minutes, so I followed up with a quick 15 uphill walk on the treadmill.

Lower Body Super Set Workout

  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Print


While I have your attention, everyone in the Boston area should TOTALLY check out TriJake’s First Anniversary Gala on Friday, November 7! Here’s some info:

TriJake Fitness Studio is celebrating it’s One Year Anniversary with a benefit dinner and silent auction event as part of the TriJake Gives Back initiative. This year we are proud to partner with The Forsyth Kids which addresses one of todays most pressing oral health challenges: delivering effective oral health care to children at risk. Trijake Fitness is commited to improving everyone’s overall fitness and well being through both personal training and community based programs.

All proceeds from this event will go to The Forsyth Kids.

Grab your tickets HERE! And in case you need extra incentive to come, I am offering 1 free training session to any 1 person that purchases 2 tickets at $125/couple. Just email TriJake with your receipt! So go! Go now! Buy ’em up!


For more info about TriJake, check out their website at and schedule your session with me ASAP!

That’s it for me! Have a fab day!




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