The Wedding of the Century! And Tons of New Workouts!

Hi everyone! I’m back! Super sorry for the radio silence lately, I’ve been CRAZY busy the past few weeks with work, training, moving and Rachel’s fabulous wedding weekend!!!! I am so thrilled for my bestie and the wedding was absolutely perfect. Before we get to business, how about some pics?!

This event was pretty important for me. A few weeks ago, I went to the tailor to have my bridesmaid dress altered and was basically instructed to lose weight due to the dress being tight. I pretty much had a full fledged meltdown in my car and pulled in all my troops to get my mind back into the recovery game. What it came down to is that the dress is just a dress. It being tight doesn’t mean I’m a bad person or I’m fat or that I need to run back to ED to fit back into it. Instead, I decided to add more cardio intervals into my workouts (which I really actually like!) and was more thoughtful about what I ate (no, I didn’t cut back on anything, just became more mindful during meals) and remember that I’m bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding…this can’t be about me. Plus,  Rachel needed me to be there for her…not worrying about myself all weekend. Well guess what? The dress fit, the evening was perfect, and now I’m feeling even more empowered! Not bad 😉

Like I said, I’m adding more cardio into my workouts and also focused on full body circuit workouts last week. Here are a few I found on pinterest that I really love!

I added 5 minute elliptical intervals between super sets on that KB workout. It actually kicked my butt pretty hard…give it a try!

And here’s a TRX workout I wrote last week that was also PRETTY awesome! For more info on TRX check out my blog post HERE

TRX Full Body Blowout

  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Print

Complete each set 2-3x for 10-15 reps per exercise. Rest 1 full minute between sets

Set 1:

  • TRX squat
  • TRX row with neutral grip
  • Rowing machine 200 meters

Set 2:

  • TRX bicep curls
  • TRX tricep extensions
  • TRX flies
  • 150m row

Set 3:

  • TRX hip drops
  • Plank 30-60s
  • 100m row

I just want to stress: I changed my workouts because I wanted to, not because I had to. I wanted to feel my best at the wedding and I managed to change my body slightly without starving myself or excessively exercising (or using any ED behaviors). I continue to strive for balance and acceptance of my body, and do not promote weight loss for individuals of healthy weight (which I am). What I do promote is love, health and happiness. /soapbox rant

Have a fabulous week! I am hoping to get back into a blogging rhythm this week, so be on the lookout for new workouts, recipes and general Rebecca-Ramblings.



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