Spynergy Cycling Studio: get there now

Happy Friday! We made it through the week! It’s been pretty yucky and dark here all week, which makes working out pretty tough, but we persevere…

Yesterday I slept through my alarm, so I promised myself I’d get to spin class in the evening at Spynergy in Wellesley, MA. I was feeling super tired, cranky and out of it all day and typically don’t love evening workouts, but I made a promise to myself to get there and Jake from TriJake was teaching…so I couldn’t let him or myself down. I was so glad I got over there. I left the class drenched in sweat, feeling strong and energized. It’s amazing what one workout can do.


Spynergy has a fleet of brand new bikes with monitors to help keep your ride in check. Jake uses a combination of hill intervals, long climbs, sprints and jumps to keep class rollin’ for 50 minutes. It’s definitely a more suburban studio, so the clientele is different than a downtown studio…which for me is awesome. I always feel so competitive with other riders at more vigorous studios. Spynergy has a much more inviting and laid back vibe, all while still offering talented instructors and awesome customer service. Plus I went to high school with the owners daughter, so I feel a little extra allegiance there.

While we’re talking about Wellesley, have you bought your tickets to TriJake’s 1 Year Anniversary Charity Gala?! Well you should! We are offering 1 free training session to any person that purchases 2 tickets! What a deal! Plus, a portion of the ticket price goes to ForsythKids, a school-based oral health program for kids in need. 38Have a fab Friday!



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