WOD: moving day!

Hello! What a crazy couple of days!

Chris and I moved into our new house this weekend and it’s been nonstop since Saturday! So far it’s great šŸ™‚


I was feeling a little bad that I hadn’t worked out since Thursday, so I spent a little time reflecting on the weekend and realized that while I didn’t get to a gym, I was DEFINITELY exercising. Between hauling boxes and furniture on Saturday (in the rain!) to carrying 460 sq/ft of bamboo into our living room on Sunday (in the snow!), I think my muscles got their fair share of work!


Yesterday I went for a little run around the new neighborhood (I only got lost twice!) and found this gorgeous scene:


Not bad for the suburbs!

Chris and I also decided that instead of spending an obscene amount of money on two gym memberships, we are going to build a little home gym in the basement! It’s in the works and so far we have a few orders in online and a kettlebell! Here’s an awesome workout I did this AM with one 15 lb KB:

Basement KB Workout

Compete each exercise for 50 seconds then rest 10 seconds before moving to the next exercise. Complete the circuit 3-5 times with one minute rest between rounds.
KB swing
round the world
Goblet squat
Single arm KB swing (right)
Single arm KB swing (left)
Renegade lunge
Alternating single arm bent over row
Single arm clean and press (right)
Single arm clean and press (left)
Straight leg deadlift with high row


That’s it for me! Have a fab week!





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