Affirmation Situation: positive thinking and home workouts

Welcome to Friday! We made it! I was trying to think of words that rhyme with affirmation, and all google could come up with was “constipation” and “filling station” I just thought you should know that.

This week was long and we don’t have cable in the new house…so…there’s that. Chris and I are settling into our new house and are feeling at home, despite all the upcoming projects. Our home gym is looking awesome and we’re psyched to start using it regularly!

In the mean time, I did the following resistance band workout earlier this week and I’m still sore! Those suckers always give me a way harder workout than I anticipate!

Resistance Band Full Body Circuit

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest 15 seconds beforeoving to the next exercise. Rest 1 minute between rounds. Complete 3 rounds.
You’ll need a medium to heavy weight resistance band, a step or chair, and an anchor point (I used a beam in the basement)

-Resistance band squat
-Step up
-Reverse fly
-Mountain climbers
-Chest press
-Plank shoulder taps
-Bicep curls
-High knees
-Over head tricep extension
-Power punch
-Lateral raise
-Lateral hops

I’ve been enjoying figuring out at home workouts with limited equipment, but I’m pretty excited about our new bench set and suspension system. Keep an eye out for more workouts that force me to be a bit more creative based on equipment and space.

One other thing: this week I was forced (once again) to determine what was fact and what was my own interpretation of fact. I often misconstrue feedback into “I’m not good enough” or “I’m doing it wrong” or “I’m bad at this”, when really people are often offering me help or constructive criticism. In my support group this week, we each made a mantra to help us through tougher situations. The ladies all thought of super awesome, positive and powerful mantras. Mine is “you’re doing the best you can right now”. All we can do is our best. And sometimes just getting by is what we can do. And that’s ok too. I challenge you to think of a mantra or affirmation to help you through tough situations. The only rules are that it needs to be short and positive. Here’s a a great article to get you started!


Have a super fab weekend!


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