Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Freakout

Hi! Happy Monday! It’s Thanksgiving week…and you can probably guess how that impacts someone in recovery. Let’s talk turkey.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that I legitimately love and simultaneously hate. I LOVE it because my whole family comes together to laugh, watch football and eat. I hate it because it makes my anxiety skyrocket. I hate that I still get anxious around food. I hate that my go to strategy is still compulsive exercise. I hate that I pre-freakout for about a week until it arrives. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way! I’m making a very conscious decision to not allow all those “hates” this year. My plan is to eat food that looks (and tastes!) good and let it go the next day. Sure, I might get really full and feel uncomfortable. I might overdo it on salt and feel a little bloated the next day. I might even eat too much pie (as if that’s a thing) and feel like I want to work out on Friday. Those feelings are all normal. So let’s make a deal: treat Thanksgiving for what it’s supposed to be. It’s a time to be with friends and family and reflect on everything we have to be thankful for this year. I will talk more about that later this week because I have a lot to be thankful for this year!

518_612908269842_16_nThis is my brother and I following our annual “7 pound challenge” on Thanksgiving. #worthit

Anyway, as I was saying, my go-to is still thoughts of compulsive exercise leading up to a big eating holiday and this year has been no different. However, I do fight these urges quite hard and feel pretty good going into this Thanksgiving. I have been coming down with some gross, cruddy cold for the past couple days and didn’t really feel up to working out since Thursday. I took Friday and Saturday off to rest and get some house stuff done and Sunday I decided to take Gloria to the park. I continue to struggle with the idea of exercise outside of the gym, but a very friendly gentleman at the dog park dropped some serious knowledge on me yesterday. Gloria and I tagged along with some guys and their dog (so we didn’t get lost!) and were discussing the health benefits of having a dog. One of the men said, “We’re always so plugged in, even at the gym. We have our music, our phones, the TVs, we never really pay attention to what we’re doing. But this is so much better. Being out in the world, breathing fresh air, hiking in the woods” (I’m paraphrasing, but he was seriously that eloquent. The park we went to had really long, winding hiking trails and open spaces for the dogs to play, so it was definitely a workout for both parties involved. I really took what he said to heart and realized that this is what enjoying life feels like. Doing fun things out in the world with no agenda. I like it. I’m gonna keep doing it. You should try it too.

And since I’m an obsessed dog mom, here are some pics of my girl!

Have a really great week and try to get out there and enjoy the day!



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