Fitness Found: My weekend in workouts

Hello Hello! How’s it going?! Fab, I’m sure!

I looked at my planner this morning and realized it’s only 2 more weeks until vacation and that feels gooooood. I’m certainly ready for a little break.

This weekend was jam packed and so fun! I managed to find time for a couple little work outs between drinking champagne (my favorite food group), so here’s a little round up:

Friday: 2.5 mile run with Gloria. It went terribly. Gloria kept getting tangled in her leash and stopping to eat sticks, then my IT bands said “no thanks!” and I had to walk home. I really have to stop skipping my warm ups. Note to self: WARM UP!

When I got home, I did a quick TRX workout in the basement:

2 rounds, 50s work, 10s rest:

I specifically focused on unilateral exercises to challenge my balance, my core and my stabilizer muscles more specifically.

On Saturday, I did the following upper body fitness blender workout:

On Sunday I cleaned the house like a mad woman to get ready for our house warming party! It was so much fun to have all our favorite people over at our house to celebrate. We put all the finishing touches on the house, including pictures on the walls! It’s as if someone lives there.

This week I’m making the decision to be present, be open and accepting. Work gets extra crazy before the holidays, so I am working hard to work collaboratively and be alright with not always being right. That’s ok, and that’s how we learn. What goals are you setting for yourself this week?



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