Sparkle, Shine and Sweat

Hello! It’s finally almost school vacation! I think I can make it.

I wanted to give a quick update, as I’m sure you’re very busy with holiday shopping and partying! This past weekend was Chris’ work holiday party and we got all dolled up for the event! I think I managed to drink like 750 glasses of champagne. No, that’s not typically part of a healthy, fit diet plan…but you know what? I had a blast (and paid for it Sunday). I’ve been feeling a little “meh” about the whole cold and crappy weather thing, so I gave myself a fake tan, put on my sparkliest dress, got my hair blown out and decided to just roll with the winter punches.

Anyway, I’ve been changing up my workout plan lately (as per usual) and I’ve been focusing on shorter, full-body workouts to fit my busy schedule. Lately, I only have about 35-45 minutes to work out, so I make sure to make it worth it! The following is a full body TRX (suspension) workout I did on Saturday morning. It only took about 30 minutes and I was sore until yesterday! Quality over quantity, always!

Total Body TRX Workout


I finished the workout by doing 1 full circuit of all the exercises back to back.

I hope everyone has a fab holiday! Sparkle, shine and enjoy! ❤



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