Weekend Workout Update

Hi! Hope everyone had a fab weekend. The sun finally came out here, which was a rare treat! Last week, Chris came home with a little gym gift for us:


A heavy bag! I’ve actually never used a punching bag, so I was pretty excited to give this one a go! Chris coached me on proper punch technique and even bought me some pink hand wraps, which obviously makes me look super badass. I’m really looking forward to letting some aggression out on the bag.

On Saturday morning, our buddy, Mike, came over for a basement boot camp! Our home gym has really come together nicely with our bench, adjustable dumbbells, suspension system and kettlebell. This workout could easily be modified to use just dumbbells if that’s all you have available! It’s written as 3 rounds: first round complete each exercise for 40s, rest 20s, second round complete each exercise twice in a row for 30s, rest 15s, third round work 40s, rest 20s. The time will FLY!

Basement Boot Camp

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We finished off with 6 rounds of the following circuit:

  • 30s jump rope
  • 30s jab/cross on heavy bag
  • 30s burpees


I know what you’re thinking: could I BE any tougher?? Nope! That’s as tough as you get (not pictured: pink wraps).

The final step of this workout was mirror selfies, obviously:

That’s it from me!



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