Katie K Active…why it should be your new favorite company!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to show off my brand new Katie K apparel and let you all know that I LOVE this line! You might remember my review from last year, and the brand has made some fab improvements that I am so excited about!

First up are the Signature Urban Legging:

Orange Sports Bra

They are flipping amazing. I have been waiting a little while to review these leggings to make sure they still fit my growing midsection. Well guess what, not only do they come up nice and high over my bump (which I prefer), but they stay put. No rolling, sliding, or gapping. They are super soft and have that famous hidden side pocket perfect for your phone!

Next, the Signature Open Back Burnout Tee:

Soft. Light. Open Back. Adorable. This is so lovely to wear while working out.

Finally, The Free Flow Cardigan:


Excellent for wearing en route to a barre class, throwing over a tank for a walk, or a casual work day! The color is super pretty and the material is a nice weight, not too heavy, not too light!

Please excuse all the selfies, my photographer was at his real job 🙂

Katie K is such a cool company. They make clothes for every size, shape, and ability level. Their stuff is fashionable, functional and made for a real woman’s body. I 100% endorse this company, and while the clothes were given to me in exchange for this review, I truly love them! Also! If you use code “Rebecca15” you will receive 15% off your next order! Seriously consider Katie K next time you need some new workout duds!

Have a fab week! Chris and I are off to California later this week, so keep an eye out for our adventures on Instagram!



Flex and Shout’s Holiday Gift Guide

Hi everyone!

The holidays are quickly approaching, so let’s talk gifts! I’m the WORST at shopping for others. I know that sounds so conceited, but I legit always come home with maybe one gift for a friend and 6 gifts for myself…what?? I have needs! Well, I figured some of you might be as greedy as me, so I put together a few gift guides for the fabulous females in your life (aka ME!)

1. For the Pink Loving, Fitness Freak

Pink fitness gift guide
2. For the Sparkly, Lovely Lady:
Gift guide for sparkly girls


3. For The Girl That Doesn’t Need Anything:
Gift guide for the girl that has everything
In case you’re wondering: I would absolutely accept any/all of these gifts (#justsayin). What are you hoping for this year?! Anything special?
Have a fab day!

5iveday Faves!

Welcome to 5iveday! See what I did there? So clever 😉 Here are 5 more things I’m in love with this week:

1. My RayBans:


Could I look any more American in this pic?

They’re the perfect sunnies. For real. These are the ones I got!

2. Evening Primrose Oil:


Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of the Evening primrose flower. Evening primrose oil contains Linolenic Acid and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) which are both Omega 6 fatty acids. This particular fatty acid plays a role in insulin absorption, cell structure, regulating hormones, improving nerve function, promoting skin elasticity, regulating the heart and regulating mood. Omega 6 is not created naturally by the body, so it must be derived from food sources (or supplements.)

Supposedly, it helps a LOT with hormonal acne…which is what I got. Sorry folks, TMI, but that’s life. I’ve been taking the supp for only a few days and my skin actually looks markedly better! I’m really not one to buy into this kinda stuff, but I was getting pretty desperate. I’ll keep you posted. Grab some here.

3. This shirt:


I found it online at Olive Lane. They are LOADED with adorable t’s, jewelry, and other “I can’t live without it” treasures! Obsessed. Plus this T really sums me up pretty well (when I’m not wearing gym clothes…or sometimes when I am.).

4. MapMyRun:

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.19.05 AM

As a brand spankin’ new runner (sigh), I really like this app to track my pace and distance. It really takes the brain work out of running, and I can just pump up my jams and hit the pavement. Above is my “run” from last night. I use the term “run” loosely, because I walked a bit…but Chris said he drove past me and checked me out before knowing it was me, his wife! Girl’s still got it!

5. Speaking of Running: Foam 5k!


Tomorrow is the New England Foam 5k! Hence all the running lately. Check out my old post for more info and a discount code! Chris and I have our outfits all picked out (seriously) and we’re workin’ on our game faces! I’m pretty excited/terrified, so I’ll be sure to give you all the deets afterward! Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for tons of updates throughout the day tomorrow! There are still spaces available!

Alright. That’s all I got. Today is the last day of the Katie K Active sale! So get on that and use my code Rebecca40 for 40% off $75 or more! Hit the badge to the right!


5 More Things I’m Lovin’ This Friday

It’s Friday! Get ready for 5 more of my favorite things! I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath!

1. Breakdancer Push-ups

These things are HARD! Add them into your circuits, you wont regret it!


2. Maté

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 6.31.49 AM

Mate tea is freaking awesome! I’m super obsessed with my David’s Tea Cocoa Canela. It’s chocolately and caffeine-y, but doesn’t give you an acid-y tummy ache and you don’t crash an hour after drinking it. Here’s what David says:

“This super-chocolatey blend is an homage to Mexican hot chocolate, which is traditionally spiked with cinnamon. First we take carob, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder and chocolate chips for a rich chocolate overload. Then we add pieces of cinnamon for a hint of spicy warmth. And to top it all off we add South American yerba maté for a seriously sweet energy boost. Try it as a latte with a shake of cinnamon and a warm churro for dipping.”

3. This Dress:

I found it on HauteLook.com. It’s by Fraiche by J and it will be allll mine in 2(ish) weeks when it arrives!

4. This hair trend:

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 6.39.33 AM

I’m getting my hair cut tonight and want to chat with my stylist about maybe changin’ things up! I know everyone’s gonna laugh because I am literally surrounded by crazy redheads in my fam (I even married one!), but I feel so left out! And it’s time for a change…Patty Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker) HATES redheads…sorry Patty!

5. This BuzzFeed Article: 15 Ways to Stay Active Without Going To The Gym

anigif_enhanced-31187-1401206691-2Hilarious animal .gif’s and fitness tips? I’m in!

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That’s it!