The Pregnancy Weight Gain Diaries

Hi everyone!!! I know I start every post with an apology for my absence, and this is no different! Things have been so crazy getting ready for baby! I am officially 5 days until my due date, although my OB didn’t really seem to think the baby was in any real hurry to come out…but Mommy is!


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I wanted to share a little story with all of you that I hope will be helpful. At 35 weeks (about a month ago), I had an ultrasound just to make sure the baby was head down and everything was looking good. At that appointment, my doctor explained that they baby was measuring a little on the small side (which I was super surprised about) and they’d like to do a follow up in a few weeks. She didn’t seem real concerned, but any concern at all is scary for a first time mom like me! So 2 weeks later I went for a follow up and during the scan I found myself way over analyzing everything the ultrasound tech said (or didn’t say). She said the baby was small (panic) and my amniotic fluid was high (panic), and everything looked fine (PANIC she didn’t say perfect!). Overall, the doctors were happy with the baby’s growth, s/he is just on the smaller side and these estimates can be way off and I should stop panicking (yeah, right). Fast forward another week and I’m at my 38 week appointment. I’ve been very diligent about not finding not knowing my weight throughout my entire pregnancy. I get on the scale backwards every week and remind the medical assistant that I do not want to know the number. Well, I got on the scale backwards and figured since the assistant knew me by now, I didn’t need to remind her. Guess again. She put her hand on my belly to maneuver around me to see the display, then announced my weight. It felt like I had been kicked in the gut.

“Oh, no, I don’t want to know!” I cried as she announced

“Oh! Oops! Did I mess up?? Sorry!” She giggled.

I literally started to vibrate. Of course then she took my blood pressure and it was through the roof. She left me in the room to undress and I took many deep breaths to keep away tears. “Don’t panic, relax, it’s ok” I said aloud to the sterile room. “Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale”.

The doctor came in and said that since my blood pressure had been steadily rising for the past few weeks (news to me!), she was going to redo my blood pressure measure and then we’d decide if I needed testing for preeclampsia. I explained that hearing my weight may have triggered the spike and the follow up measure was more normal, albeit a bit elevated. She sent me for testing anyway, it came back normal.

I cried in my car, as I often do, and called on my support team (Chris, my mom, my best friends) to calm me down when breathing wasn’t doing the trick. “You look great!”,”The baby needs you to gain weight”, “You’re doing everything right”, “It’s all in your belly!”, everyone told me. I didn’t feel better.

The next day, of course I got online and started looking for tips and tricks for losing baby weight. That was a mistake, as is googling most pregnancy related topics. I kept finding bloggers explaining “OH EM GEE I was sooooo gross during my pregnancy. I ate Little Debbies and didn’t work out at all and I gained THIRTY pounds! EWWWW”. Which made me feel exactly 0% better for the following reasons: A. I have been eating really well. B. I’ve worked out and stayed active through my whole pregnancy and C. I’ve gained 40 pounds. That’s right. Forty. 4-0. And I have at least another week of pregnancy.

So I share this story with you for a few reasons. One reason is that, similar to when I was researching Gestational Diabetes (I really never learn), the internet is filled with scary stories and worst case scenarios. Also, every pregnancy is totally different. I stayed active, ate well and did everything I was “supposed” to do and gained more than the OB/GYN recommended 25-35 pounds. I know other women that gained more and others that gained less. And some that have gained none at all. All healthy pregnancies. Would I have preferred to never know this number? Yeah, sure. Do I feel more empowered now that I do know it and was able to come to peace with a number that doesn’t hold power over me any more? Yeah, definitely. I know I did everything right during this pregnancy, including the occasional ice cream and pizza. I could have restricted my intake and pushed my workouts to my limit throughout these past 9 months, but I’d be miserable…and no better off.

Just like my pre-pregnancy weight, this scale number is just another number. My pre-pregnancy weight was higher than I thought it should have been, but I was also my healthiest, fittest and happiest. A reminder of what that looks like:


Had I not been happy, fit and healthy, I probably would not have been able to get pregnant. Yes, I do hope that I can get back to that body, but I’m also trying to give myself some space to be a new mom and not push myself too quickly. Right now I’m trying to refocus my thoughts and energy. There’s nothing I can do about the weight now, and probably not a lot I could’ve done to begin with. My body will be different after baby, and that’s OK. I will be different! Here’s what 39 weeks looks like around here:


So that’s my pep talk (for myself and for all of you). Pretty soon these concerns will seem really silly. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Have a great week!



Summer of the Ever Expanding Belly: Day 1

Hi Everyone! I’m reporting live from my couch on Day 1 of summer vacation! I remember writing this post last year with a tinge of anxiety since I hadn’t found a job yet for the following fall and trying to embrace the joy of the unknown…now that feeling of unknown comes in the form of a little human growing inside me…talk about changes!

Over the course of the past few weeks, my emotions have been all over the place. I know we’ve talked a lot about body image, and I wanted to bring it up again for old times sake. Being pregnant is really wild. Somedays I feel great: strong, maternal, awesome. Somedays I feel terrible: sad, chubby, and terrified. Lately, the latter has been winning, which is a huge bummer for me. Dressing this new body is a daily challenge, and shopping isn’t as much fun as I want it to be. I find myself feeling like things look “just OK” as opposed to “OMG SO ADORABLE”. I’m self conscious about my giant bras and thighs that now rub together a little bit. I’m constantly pulling my tank tops down over my belly and up over my boobs…I’m uncomfortable in my own skin, which is an old and familiar feeling. People are also starting to make stupid comments about my size and my weight (WHICH ARE NEVER OK!).

That being said, I was reminded recently that the reason I am growing is because the baby is growing…and that’s a good thing. I was also reminded that what my body is doing is incredible and seemingly magical, not just getting larger. Then I remembered all the adorable little things I get to buy now, and that it’s not about just me anymore. People are also starting to smile at me on the street. I’m telling you, pregnancy is really wild.

Last week we had an ultrasound, which would have been when we found out the gender, but we are opting for a surprise baby! So far we know that it’s either a boy or a girl, very healthy, extremely active, and particularly uncooperative during ultrasounds, which I guess should not come as a surprise to anybody.

So: Here is an awesome article that you pregnant naysayers should read! 

Here is an amazing lower body workout from Muscle and Strength

Here is my new favorite Boston area fitness studio

And here is a belly selfie (’cause…why not):


That’s it from me! Have a fab day!


Crazy, Flex-y, Cool: A new workout and Katie K Active Apparel Review

Hey! the title of this blog is Crazy, Flexy, Cool, which was actually one of the original names of Flex and Shout. It basically sums up my approach to life…and my love for TLC (Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls, ya’ll).

Last night after lounging on the deck for awhile, I dragged Chris to the gym to do another Fat Loss Five Circuit Workout. I wrote this one myself and it was HARD! Man, I’m a really good trainer 😉 What I really like about these workouts is that since each circuit takes 5 minutes, it’s easy to determine how long (or short!) your workout will be. I wrote this one to be 45 minutes, but a few different situations made it a bit longer (like the lack of jump ropes or the distance between the weight area and the TRX). Anyway, give this one a try! It is not for the faint of heart, so make sure to warm up and fuel appropriately for this sweatfest!

Fat Loss Five Circuit Workout

Each circuit contains a push, pull, lower body, core and cardio exercise. Complete each strength activity for 30 seconds (or 15s per side) with 15 seconds rest between and each cardio exercise for 1 minute (total circuit time is 5 minutes including rest). Rest at least 1 minute between circuits, repeat each circuit 3 times total.

Circuit 1:

  • Prisoner Squat
  • Plank
  • Push-up with T roll
  • Pull-up
  • Jump Rope

Circuit 2:

  • Walking Lunge
  • TRX Push-up
  • TRX Y-Up
  • Windmill
  • Foot fire (drop to burpee every 15 seconds)

Circuit 3:

  • Step ups
  • Alternating bent over Row
  • Break dancer Push-up
  • Walking Plank
  • Sprint

Give it a try and let me know how you like it! I’d love to hear from all of you!

In other news! Check out the crops and headband I’m wearing above! Both are from Katie K Active and they effing ROCK! Katie K Active is a newer company that caters to every woman and I am lucky enough to be an ambassador for the brand!

The Katie K Active Signature Collection is a new premium line for sizes Small to 3X which empowers you to BRAVE YOUR ELEMENTS while leading a healthy and enriched life. The Katie K Active Signature Collection is the perfect blend of STYLE MEETS FUNCTION for your daily sweat sessions. The Katie K Active Signature Collection ends the search for a versatile wardrobe that will take you from yoga class, to the gym, to your coffee date, and everywhere in between. With the Katie K Active Signature Collection, you and your girlfriends can feel great about how you look while working out, or even on those crazy days that you didn’t quite make it to the gym. The Katie K Active Signature Collection with double-fit technology will ELEVATE YOUR CONFIDENCE, giving you the motivation to perform at your best.

They carry sizes small-3x and believe that every women, regardless of size, deserves to have cute, comfortable, well-fitting workout attire! I am wearing the Signature Capri’s and the Signature Headband in Coral. The crops are definitely not like any others that I own. At first glance, I was not into them at all. They have a high rise, curved hips, and a narrow waist band, which typically does not work on a narrow-hipped, long-waisted lady like myself. BUT, the fabric is SO soft (and absorbent!) that they really mold to the female body. These things are freaking amaze. They don’t budge while running, squatting, skipping, sitting on my ass, etc. ALSO! They have a secret, hidden pocket on the right leg that is the perfect iPhone spot (although, make sure to put your phone in your pocket while standing still, otherwise you’ll end up with an iPhone 5C Smash…like me…).

The headband is also really great. It’s a good width so it doesn’t make my ears poke out and it doesn’t slide backward while working out. I have two and wear them all.the.time. I have particularly wild hair lately as the humidity increases, and headbands are a must!

In case I haven’t convinced you enough…Katie K is having a major sale this week only! When you use the code Rebecca40, you will receive 40% off all orders over $75. FORTY PERCENT! Seriously, give this company a try, you will not regret it! Sale ends June 20!



Disclaimer: Katie K Active sent me this outfit in exchange for review and promotion. All opinions are my own. As a Katie K Ambassador, I receive commission for sales with my special code.